Animal Concerts teams up with Klaytn to bring K-pop to the Metaverse –

As a premier concert streaming platform focused on delivering next-generation entertainment experiences, Animal Concerts has partnered with Klaytn Blockchain Company.Klaytn Network from Korea is a Decentralized Platform Controlled by the world-renowned Kakao Internet Group. Through this partnership, Animal Concerts’ Metaverse ecosystem looks forward to exploring the Korean entertainment landscape, while Klaytn is planning to support its global expansion plans.

According to an announcement made by the Klaytn team, the strategic partnership with Animal Concerts will help the company grow NFT Trade on its portal. Klaytn is one of three exclusive blockchain networks backed by the largest blockchain network. NFT market space However, OpenSea, the blockchain portal, had the lowest transaction volume. Additionally, Kakao, the parent company of Korean unicorn and Klaytn, is working to provide users with a fully dedicated NFT and Metaverse interface called Kakao Games.

The Animal Concert Platform will organize and support concerts in Metaverse, bringing customers the ultimate experience of technological entertainment. The company also plans to issue cryptocurrency tokens, non-fungible tokens and commodities for prominent recording artists and creators. In a recent venture, the American company partnered with Alicia Keys to promote her album KEYS among the masses, especially NFT fans.

Speaking about the project, Animal Concerts CEO Colin Fitzpatrick said that non-fungible tokens could prove to be an effective tool for revitalizing a music industry that has lost a significant portion of its revenue during the COVID-19 crisis. Some artists have had to face losses due to canceled shows and tours, and have faced difficulties connecting with fans in live settings. However, with Metaverse Concerts, artists can avoid such unexpected cancellations, while also reducing touring expenses. With Klaytn’s focus on NFTs and Metaverse, the company is looking forward to gaining more access to the $6B Korean music industry.

Leaders hope the Korean entertainment industry will be a huge success for the company. He added that technical limitations could limit the number of participants at a Metaverse concert due to scalability issues. However, the team plans to create a robust virtual cluster channel on existing and new Metaverse portals to host concerts in an authentic concert experience. Klaytn Group is a popular blockchain company with a strong governance committee that includes LG Electronics, Netmarble, Shinhan Bank, Binance, manufacturers, etc.

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