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Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) are both game-changing technologies. As we know, they will surpass the world by having a huge impact on companies and industries. Separate operation of the two can bring huge benefits to society.

However, more and more companies and projects are exploring how to combine these technologies and combine their power into a real technological powerhouse.

AIWORK establishes itself as one of these entities, combining the advantages of these two technologies. Their agreement uses a unique consensus network composed of artificial intelligence computing resources and a team of human experts.

Problems faced by online video

Online video may be one of the biggest drivers of Internet content, playing a key role in monetization opportunities for content creators worldwide. However, there are several factors that plague online video content related to search and discovery on video platforms and the Internet.

Most of the problems stem from the quality of metadata, which is information used to describe the content of the video as well as the title and other tags. Current metadata is inconsistent, incomplete, and unreliable. It also has no classification or standardization, which usually results in inaccurate content discovery. All of this makes it difficult for users to find the type of content they are searching for in the video-reducing the user experience and their chances of returning to the content creator or platform.

Some of the more important issues that may affect search and discovery are:

  • Video content is subject to multiple prejudices and can be very opaque.
  • Videos are usually not indexed scene by scene.
  • The video content is not internationalized.
  • Video content is not easy to search.
  • Video content lacks standardized metadata.
  • The content security of viewers and advertisers cannot be ensured.
  • Online video platforms are too concentrated, and only a few companies are given priority.

How does AIWORK use AI to solve this problem?

Artificial intelligence refers to the use of machines and computers to complete tasks that require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence can recognize patterns, analyze different situations, and finally achieve or predict specific results.

AI can also use machine learning to learn from any data provided, significantly improving its analytical capabilities and results over time. AIWORK is combining blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to solve the problems that plague the online video content space.

AIWORK combines AI with human experts, and the two work together to create high-quality metadata. AIWORK is also creating its first decentralized application, a video search engine that is completely decentralized and maintained by its community.

AIWORK’s solution

AIWORK’s solution to the problems faced by video content is simple. It created a decentralized open source blockchain protocol, composed of artificial intelligence computing resources and human experts, to help the protocol generate standardized and enhanced metadata for video content.

The AIWORK team firmly believes that the Internet (especially online video content) has become apparently centralized, which has led to the concentration of power in the hands of a few companies.

AIWORK is committed to decentralizing the online video content space, allowing users to regain control through the application of blockchain technology, laying the foundation for creating an open and decentralized network for online video content.

Deploy its solution

AIWORK deploys algorithms on dedicated nodes. Media files are scanned by GPU and CPU resources to generate metadata such as transcripts, categories, translations, classifications, and time code tags. Since it is an open network, anyone with available computing resources can join the AIWORK network.

AIWORK aims to decentralize AI operations on the blockchain, allowing decentralized applications (dApps) to benefit by using its video search engine.

AIWORK plans to achieve this goal by implementing the following mechanisms:

  • Maximize utilization by using smart contracts between all relevant parties-AIWORK will incentivize higher-quality work and rely only on the most efficient service provider to complete the work.
  • Utilize the compensation and transaction mechanisms of the service provider-the agreement also rewards network operators for tasks performed.
  • Maintain an immutable record of metadata and annotations.

AIWORK function

AIWORK has several features that can help its protocol achieve the goal of decentralized online video space:

  • Decentralized cloud computing—— AIWORK uses crowdsourcing computing cycles to provide excellent solutions to deal with demand fluctuations while still maintaining optimal costs. This feature of AIWORK also reduces the impact on the environment because it utilizes existing and underutilized computer resources.
  • Joint verification method—— AIWORK uses a method that combines AI and human experts. This method solves the shortcomings of artificial intelligence and allows the protocol to implement the best artificial intelligence computer vision on a large scale. The AI ​​community will also help provide AI verification and corrections.
  • Higher quality metadata—— AIWORK generates normalized and standardized metadata, allowing individuals to query more efficiently and obtain better results. This will also benefit online video platforms, making it easier for users to discover their content.
  • Content map- ContentGraph is AIWORK’s trademark content security index, which allows the agreement to assign reliability scores to different content security attributes, such as nudity, hate speech, adult content, violence, guns, etc. Using ContentGraph, AIWORK can review and verify videos and flag all inappropriate content. It can also mark videos with lower confidence levels, while scene-level detection will mark specific scenes as inappropriate.

Where should we go in the future?

AIWORK’s goal is to solve the long-standing problems in the online video field. In addition to the centralization of the online video space, it also solves the problems of incomplete and inconsistent metadata.

In general, AIWORK provides a more streamlined and efficient way to apply the amazing advantages of AI through the blockchain, ultimately allowing consumers to better control the content they consume.



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