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Those who fail to keep up with the latest news encryption Now I can breathe a sigh of relief, because we are here to help you. The following is a list of the headlines that attracted the attention of the industry on September 12, 2021. continue reading:

The waiting list for the community points program Reddit is currently

Waitlist for “Community Points” Program: Reddit Present

A leading social media platform that connects people through common interests, Redd A waitlist was launched for the upcoming “community points” token reward program and website.With the expansion of its website Ethereum-Supported reward program, Reddit is taking a big step into the crypto industry. The program will be launched as an opt-in feature for subreddits throughout the Reddit network, fully dedicated to its users.

Well, this is not the first time Reddit has shown interest in cryptocurrency and digital token reward programs. In December 2019, the platform launched an ETH-based token reward called “Donuts” in the r/Ethtrader sub-section to bet on cryptocurrency for the first time. In addition, in May 2020, Reddit expanded the crypto reward program on the ETH testnet to the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit named “Moons” and r/FortniteBR named “Bricks”.

After being transferred to the Ethereum mainnet, the tokens will be easily traded, exchanged or exchanged on the encrypted transaction portal. When the beta version is planned to go live, users and modules will be allowed to register on the waiting list and request the community points feature to be added to their subreddit. Each participating subreddit will be allowed to design “special membership”, which customers can purchase through points. These memberships will provide a variety of features, including badges, GIFs, and animated emojis. Those with more community points can also use the “weighted voting” feature. The tokens will be stored on the chain of the personal Vault, where they can easily use the community points in the portal.

The entire Reddit system runs on voting to earn karma points for customers. Now, through the new community reward program, Redditor will earn community points for contributions to subreddit instead of Karma points. This includes creating or uploading interesting content or volunteering to support the community.

The Reddit team is very cautious about the reward plan and clearly mentions that selling, exchanging or trading points is against the rules. They added that these practices may prove to be quite dangerous due to the dots on the testnet. Points may be lost or moved to the main ETH channel. The program is currently running on the Rinkeby testnet version of the Ethereum network, but Reddit plans to soon transfer it to the mainnet through the Eth layer 2 extension solution Arbitrum.

Investigation report says investors are turning to cryptocurrencies instead of stocks

Investigation report says investors are turning to cryptocurrencies instead of stocks

With the successful operation of encryption in the global financial sector, the industry is fiercely competing with traditional markets, especially the stock market. A recent survey conducted by consumer data aggregation company CivicScience shows that more and more investors are willing to choose cryptocurrencies over stocks. The report states that people are selling their stocks to expand their crypto investment portfolios.

According to the latest report, the citizen science survey involves a series of questions that are answered at different times before 2021 by people over 18 in the United States. The results are synchronized with the US Census data records. Each question was answered by 1,000 to 40,600 people. Interestingly, among the 3,700 people surveyed, the number of people choosing cryptocurrencies as investment tools instead of traditional stocks has increased by 140% in just five months. In June, only 10% of investigators said they would choose cryptocurrency over stocks. This figure rose to 24% in November.

Investors who are very keen or a little keen on the financial sector and the economy are more likely to exchange cryptocurrencies for stocks. Of the 1,988 people who sold stocks for cryptocurrencies, nearly 44% disclosed that the sale only accounted for less than 10% of their entire portfolio. However, one in five respondents traded half of their stocks to buy crypto tokens. CivicScience derives results through digital and mobile content collaboration. The report clearly mentions that since the interest in blockchain has risen rapidly from 80% to 68% by December, interest in blockchain has dropped significantly over the years.

After users strongly objected, OpenSea rejected the IPO

After users strongly objected, OpenSea rejected the IPO

Proud to be a popular person NFT For the global fan market, OpenSea issued an official statement denying launching an IPO in the near future. Previously, the new chief financial officer hired by the team, Brian Roberts, hinted at the company’s plan to follow the IPO route. To everyone’s shock, the news from the OpenSea community is not good as investors began to share their pain on the entity on social media platforms.

According to the report, Roberts’ statement triggered a disturbing situation among OpenSea NFT users, who described it as a loss of portal decentralization. Many investors argue that a public listing means that large institutional traders are being sold. Users are flooding social media platforms with critical posts about the OpenSea IPO decision. Most users complained to the team that they did not launch governance tokens and chose IPO plans. Investors believe that governance tokens will provide the community with more exposure on matters related to the future of the project.

In this regard, Roberts said that the whole matter was a misunderstanding and attributed the confusion to the company’s publicly inaccurate reports on future plans. The NFT market is very popular among users. In the past 30 days, 1.1 million transactions by 250,000 users recorded a transaction volume of US$2 billion. The portal extracts 2.5% of each transaction, bringing its revenue pool to 50 million U.S. dollars.


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