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The signature of Star Trek Creator completely changed the use of NFT (1)

The signature of Star Trek Creator completely changed the use of NFT

With NFT simultaneously creating and breaking global records every moment, every guess seems to become a reality in the near future. Maintaining this supremacy, this time the irreplaceable token has achieved great success. On November 30, the signature of “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry (Gene Roddenberry) became an NFT, named “El Primero” in Spanish or “The First” in English. NFT was implanted into the DNA code of living bacterial cells, a historic victory for all NFT fans.

According to the announcement, the signature dates back to 1965, when Roddenberry and Lucille Ball’s Desilu Productions signed an agreement to fund Star Trek. Now, with NFT tokens, Roddenberry’s signature has returned to virtual life 30 years after the death of this sci-fi genius. The Roddenberry Entertainment team described the token as a unique “Living Eco-NFT”, similar to the perfect combination of science and sci-fi expertise. The project was unveiled as an art collection during Art Basel Miami in 2021.

The team stated that as long as the bacteria survive, the cells can multiply quickly while creating more than 1 billion Eco-NFT replicas overnight. Agustin Fernandez, CEO of Rational Vaccines, collaborated with the Roddenberry team on this project. He said that storing data in DNA provides a sustainable storage system with a capacity that does not yet exist in the industry. NFT will run on the Solana blockchain with the support of Metaplex Studios. Dr. Paul Predki successfully encoded NFT data into DNA to store it in bacterial cells. The release of NFT clearly demonstrates “Star Trek”‘s never-ending love for the digital collectibles market space.

The latest research report says ETH is more valuable than Bitcoin

The latest research report says ETH is more valuable than Bitcoin

Since the introduction of cryptocurrencies, people have been making comparisons Bitcoin And the value storage potential of Ethereum. Although some people insist on Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin, others support Ethereum’s technical prowess based on smart contracts.Now, in recent developments, four Australian researchers have released a report that emphasizes Ethereum The network on the Bitcoin ecosystem.

By emphasizing the advantages of Ethereum, the researchers questioned Bitcoin as the best encryption channel for storing value. The research report was released on November 18 and was co-authored by Ester Félez-Viñas of the University of Technology Sydney, Sean Foley of Macquarie University, Jonathan Karlsen of the University of Western Australia and Jiri Svec of the University of Sydney.

Experts particularly emphasized the potential of the latest EIP-1559 upgrade, which played an important role in promoting the development of ETH into the world’s first deflationary asset. The upgrade launched in August witnessed the network burned some transaction fees. More than 1 million ETH were burned from the total circulating supply of tokens. The report pointed out that the continuous surge in ETH demand will also increase the number of destroyed tokens.

Researchers proudly believe that the inflation rate of Ethereum is lower than that of Bitcoin. They revealed that since the EIP-1559 upgrade and injection, the expected increase in the total supply of ETH is only 0.98%, which is much lower than the 1.99% increase in the supply of Bitcoin. Speaking of Ethereum’s improved inflation hedging function, Australian experts believe that Ethereum can provide a better long-term store of value than BTC. Due to the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the crypto market is facing sudden volatility. As Bitcoin and Ethereum become centers of attraction, tokens will continue to compete for the highest position. In these challenging situations, it will be interesting to see how the increasing competition between Bitcoin and Ethereum affects the entire industry.

Cabinet document says India will regulate cryptocurrency instead of banning it

Cabinet document says India will regulate cryptocurrency instead of banning it

This is indeed a happy day for all Indian cryptocurrency fans who have lost all hope after the announcement of the “suspected ban on cryptocurrency”. According to local media reports, the central government will allow crypto transactions through the country’s regulated framework. The authorities have no intention to completely ban cryptocurrencies, which have now become an important part of the global financial system.

The news gave tens of thousands of cryptocurrency holders a sigh of relief, who feared that they would face the risk of losing funds after the proposed ban on all private cryptocurrency projects.Anticipating the expected future risks, Indian investors made panic selling on local cryptocurrency exchanges, such as WazirXThe government’s ambiguity on the terms of the bill caused turmoil in the Indian encryption industry. People are confused about the current state of cryptocurrency transactions in the country.

However, the latest report from the Indian news portal NDTV on December 2 brought a new smile to the faces of cryptocurrency fans. News on the platform is based on facts written in cabinet notes circulating in government clusters. NDTV reporter Sunil Prabhu confirmed that the note cited various suggestions to regulate cryptocurrencies as assets regulated by the Securities Commission of India or SEBI.

According to the announcement, investors will be required to declare their holdings to the relevant authorities within a predetermined time frame. Then, they must transfer the assets to an exchange managed by SEBI. This reflects the high possibility that private wallets will be banned. The measures taken by the government will help control money laundering and terrorist financing. The government may suspend the plan to launch CBDC in cooperation with the Reserve Bank of India in order to completely shift the focus to cryptocurrencies. The report clearly mentions that, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, the government has no plans to accept cryptocurrency as legal tender.

Reports from the NDTV channel have been welcomed by a large portion of cryptocurrency investors in the country. The government may cooperate with RBI on CBDC projects in the near future. The rise of cryptocurrency on a global scale has prompted developing countries such as India to adapt to changing conditions through appropriate planning and strategies.

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