Zero day still looms over Cape Town


The private sector does not have to wait for cities to solve water problems.For example, the wine industry has been particularly hit hard Due to drought.Since then, many vineyards have established state-of-the-art water manage system Designed around the concept of self-sufficiency. Strategies include reusing treated wastewater, collecting rainwater, and using a well-designed irrigation system focused on reducing water waste. The vineyard also invests heavily in internal research to ensure that they use the best methods provided by science.

Even so, Gerard Martin, executive manager of Winetech, a non-profit organization that receives funding from the South African wine industry, believes that at this stage he does not know whether the city or the industry is ready for the next drought. “Of course we are prepared to solve this problem in the future,” he said.

Joseph Dana is a writer living in Cape Town, South Africa.


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