20 Best Buys From Best Buy’s Anniversary Sale This Week (Ends August 14)

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The US Offers a $10M Bounty for Intel on Conti Ransomware Gang

Many members of Conti are believed to be based in Russia or surrounding regions. For years, the Kremlin has largely turned a blind eye to cybercriminals based in the country, making it... Read more »

Gabrielle Zevin Believes Games Show People Who They Really Are

That was the thing I wanted to explore with Solution. Also just thinking: What could an enterprising undergraduate in 1995 make? What’s the other aspect of that game? The tech throughout the... Read more »

Deep learning can almost perfectly predict how ice forms

Researchers have used deep learning techniques to model how ice crystals form in the atmosphere with much higher precision than ever before. Their paperpublished this week in PNAS, hints at the potential... Read more »

How to craft effective AI policy

So to your first question, I think you’re right. That policy makers should actually define the guardrails, but I don’t think they need to do it for everything. I think we need... Read more »

A Bioengineered Cornea Shows It Can Improve People’s Sight

After their transplants, the researchers followed the volunteers for two years. They concluded that the implants were safe to use and restored the thickness and curvature of the recipients’ natural corneas. Before... Read more »

A bioengineered cornea can restore sight to blind people

One unexpected bonus was that the implant changed the shape of the cornea enough for its recipients to wear contact lenses for the best possible vision, even though they had been previously... Read more »

China has censored a top health information platform

The suspension has been met with a gleeful social reaction among nationalist bloggers, who accuse DXY of receiving foreign funding, bashing traditional Chinese medicine, and criticizing China’s healthcare system. DXY is one... Read more »

9 Best Cheap Laptops (2022): Our Picks for $700 or Less

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The Download: tech’s gender gap, and how Gen Z handles misinformation

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