‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ Still Stunning

In Steven Spielberg’s 1977 classic The third type of intimate contact, an ordinary person gets involved in a major event involving an alien visitor.TV writer Andrea Kyle Said the film continued to... Read more »

‘We Met In Virtual Reality’ Is The Best Movie In The Metaverse

monitor is One weekly column Commit to everything that happens wired The world of culture, from movies to memes, from TV to Twitter. Joe Hunting’s camera consistently captures his subjects. They wander... Read more »

What should be considered crime in the metaverse?

All of this raises key questions about the ethics of near-term virtual worlds. How should users act in the virtual world? In such a space, what is the difference between right and... Read more »

HP Wins Huge Fraud Case Against Autonomy’s Mike Lynch

After years of wrangling, HP has won its civil fraud case against Autonomy founder and chief executive Mike Lynch. The rulingthe biggest civil fraud trial in UK history, could also increase the... Read more »

Honey, I Brought the Kids Into Virtual Reality

When the real world’s a mess, the metaverse that Facebook (er, Meta) is might seem like a welcome refuge. Just strap on a headset and play some VR games in a sprawling... Read more »

Politicians say it’s time to live with Covid. are you ready?

From January 27th, England gave up almost all Coronavirus disease. Anyone can walk into any store without a mask; work-from-home guidance has been lifted; all demand for vaccine passports has been suppressed.England... Read more »

Spotify Was Never Going to Drop Joe Rogan

This week, Spotify removed the musical catalog of Neil Young from its platform. On Monday, the legendary rocker published a letter decrying the Swedish streamer for spreading false information about Covid-19 vaccines.... Read more »

Neil Young won’t change Spotify’s mind about Joe Rogan

Sometimes it’s hard to predict the future. Other times it’s really easy: Back in the spring of 2020, it was incredibly obvious that by paying Joe Rogan a ton of money for... Read more »

The Feds Plan to Reduce Roadway Deaths—With Smarter Road Design

Statistics help tell stories, and one often touted by technologists and engineers and police officers and even the federal government told a tale. The statistic: 94 percent of US traffic crashes are... Read more »

Google Has a New Plan to Kill Cookies. People Are Still Mad

“There are a couple of improvements in Topics,” says Hamed Haddadi, chief scientist at Brave, a privacy-focused browser and search engine. He says that under FLoC, people could have been grouped into... Read more »