The Big Problem With Spotify Wrapped

For some, Black Friday ushers in the holiday season. But for others, it’s when they open Spotify on a late autumn day and see their Spotify Wrapped is available. It’s the opening... Read more »

25 Work From Home Gift Ideas: Chairs, Desks, Webcams, and Peripherals

More than 27 million Americans work from home. Not having to waste hours with a commute has been a game-changer for those of us punching the clock from afar, but working in... Read more »

The Download: Neuralink updates, and GPT-3 fixes

This is today’s edition of The Download, our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. Elon Musk’s Neuralink hopes to test its brain... Read more »

Pop-Up Farming Pods to Help Colonizers Grow Crops on Mars

As a nerdy, nature-loving kid growing up in France, Barbara Belvisi daydreamed about life on other planets: giant domes filled with lush plants and exotic flowers like the ones she’d painted on... Read more »

Amazon’s Creep Into Health Care Has Some Experts Spooked

Smith told WIRED that Amazon keeps patient health information confidential and secure in compliance with federal law and regulations, and in line with industry standards; Amazon Clinic customer data will be protected... Read more »

In defense of plastic (sort of)

It will probably take until 2024 for the treaty to be completed, and we don’t know all the details yet, though there’s been talk of production limitsas well as more restrictions on... Read more »

All the Actually Important Stuff Neuralink Just Announced

The most widely tested brain implant is the Utah array—a hard silicon square with 100 tiny protruding needles. Each about a millimeter long, the needles have electrodes on their tips that capture... Read more »

San Francisco’s Killer Police Robots Threaten the City’s Most Vulnerable

One effect of AB 481 is to add local oversight to hardware like the kind obtained through a US Department of Defense program that sends billions of dollars of military equipment such... Read more »

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings likes Elon Musk, video games, and binge watching

Netflix doesn’t want to sell itself to Microsoft. It does want to get really deep into the games business. Elon Musk is a brave guy, and we should cut him some slack.... Read more »

Google Moves to Block Invasive Spanish Spyware Framework

The commercial spyware industry has increasingly come under fire for selling powerful surveillance tools to anyone who can pay, from governments to criminals around the world. Across the European Union, details of... Read more »