You may not be using the best browser on the web

Remember Dangwang Is the browser a useful tool? Remember when you could follow your favorite websites, check emails, and check your calendar without leaving your browser?Or, should I say, remember when you can do it all No Big Tech enters your personal data into the big mouth of surveillance capitalism?

I remember those days because I still live in them, thanks to a web browser you may never have heard of: Vivaldi.

This week, the team behind the Vivaldi web browser Release 4.0, This seems to be the right time for me to tell you that you need to try it. Improvise on Neil StephensonVivaldi outperforms all other web browsers, “It’s like the sun shining on the stars at noon… It’s not only bigger and brighter; it just makes everything else disappear.”

Customization is the key

Stephenson is actually Talk about the text editor Emacs, Its never-ending recursion makes it a programmer’s The Holy Grail of Text Editors. But I think this analogy is also applicable to Vivaldi compared to other web browsers. I don’t think Vivaldi Yes Emacs for web browsers.

Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner is the same opera, One of the earliest web browsers with functions such as pop-up blocking and tabbed browsing. The levels of customization and advanced user features that make Opera unique are now in Vivaldi, and more.

At first glance, Vivaldi looks like a slightly richer version of a normal web browser-mirroring the colors of web pages is a notable Vivaldi feature that Apple shamelessly copied in Safari. Until you have a deep understanding of Vivaldi’s settings, you will discover its true power: the ability to customize your browsing experience exactly the way you want.

Like Emacs, everyone’s Vivaldi settings and experience may be different, this is the point. Vivaldi’s tagline is “Our friend’s web browser”.Vivaldi’s “our friend” means People like you and me—Of course, suppose you are someone who works on the Internet and keeps in touch with friends, rather than using the whims and algorithms of large technology companies.

For example, I like keyboard shortcuts and have never used mouse gestures in my life. Vivaldi supports both. I took advantage of the customizable keyboard shortcuts and ignored the mouse gestures, and everyone won. Vivaldi 4.0 confirms this by providing some new dialog boxes with preset functions: Essentials, Classic or my favorite Full Loaded.

Scott Gilbertson via Vivaldi

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