You Don’t Need Tech to Get Swole (but It Helps)

Michael Calore: That’s right. We do, we—

Lauren Goode: And we just never air the podcast.

Michael Calore: Yeah, I would call it gossiping.

Lauren Goode: Right, it’s not actually a podcast. We’re just talking junk as we run.

Michael Calore: Yes, I am recording them though.

Lauren Goode: Oh, you are?

Michael Calore: Yes. Oh, did you not know that?

Lauren Goode: We’re in a two-party-consent state.

Michael Calore: I’m just kidding. In that case, I was not recording anything that we said last time we took a run.

Lauren Goode: But you’ve actually been running a lot this year, and it’s awesome. What inspired this?

Michael Calore: Have you ever had that thing happen where you go to tie your shoes and you get winded?

Lauren Goode: No, but I’ve had that going up flights of stairs that typically I would be able to go up without panting.

Michael Calore: Yeah, same, same.

Lauren Goode: So that happened?

Michael Calore: Yes, and I decided to do something about it, so I decided to start running a lot more.

Lauren Goode: Do you have any tips and tricks for those who are looking to get off the couch and do a 5K? I know there are apps for this.

Michael Calore: Talk to a coach, talk to somebody who’s very smart about fitness and understands your particular challenges and can give you good expert advice.

Lauren Goode: Lucky for everyone listening. We’re bringing someone just like that on the show today. I’m so excited.

Michael Calore: Let’s do it.

[Gadget Lab intro theme music plays]

Lauren Goode: Hi everyone. Welcome to Gadget Lab. I’m Lauren Goode. I’m a senior writer at WIRED

Michael Calore: And I am Michael Calore. I’m a senior editor at WIRED.

Lauren Goode: We’re also joined today by a very special guest writer, Casey Johnston. It’s so great to have you on the show.

Casey Johnston: Hi, thank you for having me.

Lauren Goode: So today we’re getting schooled. OK, not really, but we’ve been wanting to talk about exercise in tech for a few reasons. One, it’s nearly summer in this part of the world, which means people are starting to think a little bit more about getting out and doing things and sometimes wearing a little less clothing than usual. Two, digital fitness has infiltrated our world in recent years, and the pandemic really accelerated that trend. And three, there’s a much broader convers ation happening right now around weight and health and body positivity, and how maybe our fitness goals shouldn’t be about being somebody else’s ideal, but about being strong and functional. And honestly, as soon as we started talking about this among our little pod g roup here, we said we have to get Casey Johnston on the show. We basically emailed her and said, Casey, will you please please come on the show? We emailed her this week. Please come on the show. So Casey, we are so thrilled to have you.

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