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The most famous egirls are a distributed vision, a kind of Internet integration, co-financed, partly driven by the desire of fans. They are the queens of quasi-social micro celebrities, and charge only $25 to $35 per month for OnlyFans “player girls”, or $25 for role-playing photos. “This is one of those fantasy things,” said Rusty Fox, An egirl with 1.5 million TikTok fans. On her OnlyFans, Fawkes posted lewd, wig and cat-eared pornographic content inspired by cosplay. She said that this is not actually the way girls play video games.We don’t wear makeup, we don’t wear wigs, we don’t wear wigs Dear in franks cosplay to distinguish some Appraisal(Sometimes the audience will point out to her that her controller is not turned on.)

It is too exaggerated. It is abstract. And, Fox said, “It’s sexy for them. I mean, hey, if this is something you can sell, and you want to sell it, like, why not?” In 2019, egirl Belle Delphine Posted a photo of herself in the bathtub with her pink game controller: “I am now selling my bath water for all of you thirsty game boys????.” $30. It was sold out all at once. A particularly enterprising PC manufacturer peddled Belle Delphine’s bath water-cooled PC for $1,500.

This type of professional egirl also raises a core question for its existence: Is this a kind of liberation? Upstream of egirl is Japanese Lolita inspired by Rococo-wearing fluffy dresses and cupcakes, Victorian doll Mary Jane shoes and lace stockings. On the surface, they seem naive, an attraction to men’s obsession with young women.this is Lolita after all. Lolita fans would say that this is more disruptive than naive. This is an anti-male look. This is a kind of partial childishness, and the head-to-toe body armor runs counter to reality. More like a puppet than a human.

If egirls are dolls, people will be happy to dress them up.

Perhaps egirls is the natural conclusion of Donna Haraway’s 1985 Internet feminist ideal: “There are creatures and machine creatures at the same time. They live in a fuzzy natural and artificial world.” Online catwoman in a selection of bedrooms. In the sharp baby voice, there is producer Senzawa’s 2018 egirl national anthem, which is reminiscent of the furry chat room role playing of NSFW in the 2000s: Wow! ! x3’s nose leaps towards you / uwu you are so warm. Is Haraway wrong?

Caldwell firmly believes that egirl is empowering. She said that she did not do this for men, nor for anyone else. Children do not have a monopoly on cute shit. People take everything so seriously. “Yes, I play games,” Caldwell said with another TikTok emoji. She wore a soft pink bra with hanging rabbit ears and matching fluffy shorts. “I know I don’t look like your’typical’ player, but Look,” she said. The camera switched to a video of her playing video games on a PC playing games. She moved a sponge on the plate and shook her head rhythmically.


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