We ranked the democratic standards of fictional Netflix countries


Finally, Aldovia is a country with serious gender discrimination. It only amended the law in 2019 to allow women to inherit the throne. In addition, members of the royal family have repeatedly provided “aspic” at their dance parties.


Penlia is located in the east of Aldovia and is the country’s closest ally.Although the audience cannot be Christmas prince The franchise rights, royal family members Tai Wang and Ming Hou run through the third movie. In a casual conversation, the explicit assertion that Tai is “the only leader Ponlia needs”, which largely implies the authoritarian nature of the royal family. Later, when he tried to build the crib and announced that “we will build according to our instincts”, he fully realized the true horror of his leadership, and then discarded the instruction manual. Inevitably, finished furniture will fall apart.

Towards the end of the film, when Tai saw at the Christmas market how Aldovia’s queen was loved by the people, he told ominously: “You should get the same treatment.” We can safely assume that Aldovia and Penglia Such close allies, because they do not believe that the people have a government and serve the people. We can only hope that one day their citizens will be free.


The Nordic country Belgravia is an autocratic monarchy; its most famous is the International Christmas Baking Competition, which means its workers are threatened by seasonal income. In general, however, the members of the Wyndham Royal family do not seem to care about the plight of their people. At a charity ball to raise funds for a local family refuge, the Queen of Belgravia was asked how many people there were. When using this service, he said, “I don’t know”, and the king added: “We don’t care about the details. We have people in this area.”

Despite their fundraising efforts, it was later revealed that the royal family managed to collect enough money to provide food and clothing for the residents of the shelter, which meant that there was not enough money to buy any toys for the children living there ( Although not monitored by the Guinness World Records), this will definitely win the title of the least money raised at the charity ball). In addition, the Wyndham family was so indifferent to the state of their country that the heir to the throne skipped the important meeting “with Spain” to ride horses, further jeopardizing the economic well-being of his kingdom.

Despite this, there are no dungeons or serious human rights violations on the Netflix hub land Princess switch A trilogy in which Vanessa Hudgens plays three different roles. In general, Belgravia’s constitutional crisis is much less than that of Aldovia. Although there may be something in the water that forces people to mutate into Vanessa Hudgens clones, the people seem to be happy enough. .


The cold Montenaro country is the only Netflix kingdom with a constitutional monarchy, because Princess switch The film mentions its “government” and “treasury minister”. As the head of the royal family, Queen Margaret attaches great importance to her responsibilities-long before she was crowned, when she was a duchess, she was willing to enter a loveless society out of responsibility to her people. Arranged marriages.Most importantly, when she throws a charity ball in the second game Princess switch The movie, which is specifically called “Toy Drive”: finally! A monarch who respects Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, that is, children have the right to play!

Unlike other Netflix countries, Montenaro’s income does not seem to depend on Christmas, and it is so highly regarded internationally that the Vatican did not hesitate to lend it the priceless relics that once belonged to Saint Nick. The most impressive thing is that when the homeless are arrested in Montenaro, they will be detained by the police (instead of a dungeon), and they will be sentenced to community service instead of indefinite imprisonment. The democratic freedom enjoyed by the people of Montenaro makes it clearer how disturbing the backwardness of their neighbors is—it is remarkable that the King and Queen of Aldovia felt able to appear at Margaret’s coronation. Princess Switch: Switch again.

There is only one way to make the Kingdom of Montenaro a more admirable country, and that is to provide asylum to the Aldovian, Penlie and Belgravians.

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