Wait, does the vaccine lottery really work?


United Airlines will I really like people to start flying again.They stopped during the pandemic-the number has increased nearly 10 times Fly in the U.S. Before the Memorial Day weekend in 2019, which is before Time, and on the same three days in 2020. This is a problem for United Airlines, because air travel is like all United Airlines.

The company also very much hopes that people travelling on airplanes will be vaccinated against Covid-19. Not that airplanes and airports are the crucibles of infection! Definitely not, probably. But let us agree that vaccination is a social benefit. Almost everyone won, except bacteria.

But Manchester United don’t want Need to be vaccinated. People become so crazy.So earlier this year, business leaders started brainstorming ideas to encourage people to get vaccinated. and Fly joint. Their idea: Give everyone a reward for shooting. Maybe thousands of miles worth of frequent flyer points?This is equivalent to airline donut, Or beer. You can have it as a treat.

but not. United Airlines Vice President of Marketing and United Airlines President Luc Bondar said: “Many of us, I want to say, they rely heavily on United’s internal marketing science team, and they said, “Actually, this is not the right path. The airline’s frequent flyer program MileagePlus. “I might say at an executive meeting that there is a different approach. After some healthy discussions, we agreed on an approach that is very consistent with behavioral science. “

This method is a damn big lottery. Prove that you have been vaccinated and joined MileagePlus, and you can get a year of first-class travel for two persons.Now you might Used to win. However, this is still a high-value goal. They have warm nuts. “This is the trade-off. Do we want to provide something certain but small,” Bondar said, “instead of participating in a sweepstakes?”

Bondar proposed a Willy Wonka-style golden ticket experience, “I think the fact that you and I are talking proves that we did it right,” he said. In the first 48 hours, United Airlines had more than 400,000 entrants and more than 100,000 newly registered MileagePlus users. Although Bondar has not processed the data, he believes that the date on the vaccine card uploaded by the novice will indicate that a considerable number of people were vaccinated after the award was announced.This is a good guess, because lottery tickets with huge cash prizes have led to a similar increase in vaccination rates in six US states, including those led by the Republican Party. Ohio, Democratic Party-led California, No matter what happens Oregon(Before Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced that five lucky shooters would win $1 million and teenagers could receive full scholarships, the weekly vaccinations dropped by 25%. Downhill became uphill 16 years and older. The vaccination rate of Ohioans has increased by 49%.) Some life-changing prizes may just be things that make Americans who are hesitant about vaccines roll up their sleeves. That’s just science. Well, economics. But still. It really works.

Maybe it doesn’t Frankly speaking, public health officials (or airlines) are resorting to this idea, and honestly, it is a deceptive means to drive the crowd into scientifically fantastic shooting to prevent potentially deadly diseases. You would think that the biggest reward is “immortality”.

In fact, this is not how people make such decisions. Some people are very actively vaccinated. Some people are very active not to do so. But some people may just think that the whole thing is a little inconvenient for them, rather than useful to society.As Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein wrote in their book Nudge— An updated version was released in August — when people feel that way, they need to make these things simple anyway. If you also make these things interesting, it will help. “The lottery is fun. It’s like a cheap dream,” said Taylor, a Nobel Prize-winning economist at the University of Chicago when I asked about the vaccine lottery.


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