Top breaches of data losses in the recent times

recent data breach

It’s almost half of the year 2018 where we’ve witnessed a lot of giant running companies facing data breaches that has taken place in the recent times. The point is when such smart organizations can be damaged, how dangerous it is for the average user to survive with less or no security. It’s a reminder for the not so tech savvy user to build a boundary against the hackers to avoid facing the guilt.

Some of the breaches are as follows:


Google comes first in the list of giants being hacked. A group of intruders made a worm that penetrated the inbox of a user and sent mails to all the contacts having a link to an authorized document of Google (it appeared to be originalbut wasn’t real). As expected, the link redirected them to a portal where the data was stolen and worms were dispersed to the entire contacts that were part of their took an hour for Google to recover from this attack that had affected approximately 0.1% but even such a small number means at least one million people suffering.


A finance and accountancy company name Deliotte getting hacked is no surprise. The attack resulted in the exposure of data from 350+ clients which also had the data of some solid top level corporates. Such data can be utilized to in ‘fake president’ frauds to trick organizations into thousands of dollars. Snoopers were able to do it using an admin account that didn’t had any sort of two-factor authentication.

recent data breach


Anthem’s server was hacked in the year 2015 where they lost a total of 80 million records. It all started with sending emails (phishing) to five or more employees that had a link leading to Trojan along with key logger software. This allowed the intruders to extract the password to access data that was once encrypted. This attack was a serious one and wasn’t taken lightly as such amount of medical record is equal to twice or even more of the amount of credit card data.


Phone numbers, names, email addresses and more of about 50+ million users were reportedly accessed by intruders in the year 2016. The company even paid a heavy amount of $100,000 to stop them from accessing the data. The confidentials of some Uber engineers were extracted from a private account and eventually was used to hack into Uber AWS account.


Verizon known for being telecommunications giant faced an attack where the data of almost 14 million users all praise to the 3rd party vendor. The data such as pin numbers, phone numbers etc. was deemed to be left on a not protected server of Amazon. Surprisingly, the destruction was implemented by NICE systems which is an organization that were specialized in the security of data.


The biggest gaming console producing company that plays the role of monopolistic leader. However, the breach was started with a series of phishing attacks which were targeting none other than the employees working at Sony. Again a link was provided as a bait that was leading the employees to access or download malicious email attachment. Social engineering was used as an attack that tricked the users into thinking it’s a reliable source. About 100 TB of data was taken away and about $100 million of an amount was damaged in terms of monetary amount.

Points to note:

Companies whether big or small all have faced enough cases that have made them not weaker but only stronger to what they were a decade ago. The hacks and attempts made against them showed them the loopholes they had and eventually became better than ever. The same path can be taken by the average user as well. Although you can’t be at the level of imposing such high end data security programs at your end but do what you can before it’s too late.

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