Tips to Start Editing Videos As a Beginner

Beginners often find it very difficult to start editing videos. Being confronted by so many different tools and options and not knowing what most of them do is daunting – and puts off many people.

If you’re interested in starting to edit your videos, there are a few tips that could go a long way – both in making it a bit easier, and ensuring you know how to get started:

  • Find the right software

Nowadays there are lots of video editors out there, ranging from free editors to those that cost thousands of dollars. Don’t just buy the most expensive editor that you can afford, but instead try to find one that is user-friendly.

Ideally you should find an editor that is user-friendly and yet has most of the essential features you need. For example you could try Movavi Video Editor as it simplifies editing and even makes it easy to learn how to overlay videos.

  • Take advantage of automated features

Most video editors nowadays have several automated features that will let you quickly and painlessly improve your videos. The most common are automated color correction and stabilization tools, that will help you fix the colors and minimize the shakiness of your videos respectively.

  • Learn how to cut videos

At the heart of video editing is the ability to cut videos, trim out unwanted parts, merge clips together, and arrange them into the final video. That is where you should start as it is both an easy and essential part of video editing.

As you learn how to cut videos, you can also start to learn more about the different types of cuts, such as the jump cut, L cut, J cut, cut on action, and so on.

  • Always have a plan

Before you actually edit a video, you should try to plan how you intend to edit it. Do you want to fix the colors? Trim out certain parts? Compile a video? Add background music? Stylize it in some way?

Initially your plans may be rough, but as you gain experience you can start to plan the specifics long before you open your editor. If you get into the habit of planning early, in the long run you should be able to avoid over-editing your videos.

  • Understand how framing and composition work

One of the most useful skills to pick up early on is an understanding of how framing and composition works. Start with composition techniques such as the rule of thirds, and try using the crop tool to adjust the frame and composition of your videos.

All in all the tips listed above should ensure that you’re better prepared as you start to edit your video. At the end of the day the more that you actually edit videos and get more experience, the easier it will become – which is why using these tips as a starting point could help you to overcome that initial hurdle and begin making alterations to your video.

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