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A speech during this year’s conference asked the industry to maintain awareness of developments, especially to ensure that these advancements are still helping players with disabilities. Cherry Thompson, Ubisoft Accessibility Project Manager, is no stranger to GA Conf.With several years of speeches, from Appropriate disability representative arrive Open Letter of Worship and Cultural Importance, Thompson proved the necessity and importance of barrier-free and disability tolerance.these years dialogue Continue to remind developers to respect and pay attention to disabled players.

“The beginning of this conversation was to realize that we are not doing this alone,” Thompson said. “The game is very unique. The accessibility challenge in the game is different from any other accessibility challenge. We can literally look at any other place and see where we are doing it right, what is wrong, or where it might even harm the disabled The community so that we can know which pitfalls to avoid, which also gives us good ideas on the way forward.”

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Dedication to accessibility has made Thompson keenly aware of methods to avoid, especially those related to game design.In addition to the difficult task of requiring the entire industry to reflect on accessibility advancements and how they affect players with disabilities, Thompson also hopes to shift the focus of accessibility from Options arrive Inclusive designAlthough accessibility settings and features are necessary and “will always be an integral part of accessibility,” they stated that the industry’s reliance on them can be harmful.

“Whether options are central to accessibility is another question,” they said. “Now, choice is the approach we are taking, and I think this is where we are heading in a difficult direction. Accessibility is not an option, and options cannot carry all the weight of accessibility. Part of the reason is, as I said in my speech. Said that accessibility is not a tangible thing, it exists, regardless of whether we take any measures to it.”

Thompson is talking about the uniqueness and personal aspects of being a disabled person. Accessibility stems from the interaction of the disabled with anything that is inaccessible. Some people think that what is accessible is not available to others. This is why options are necessary, but they need to be an integral part of the game itself, not a fixed function from the outside.

“After 10 years, will the options remain the same? This is what I really want everyone to consider,” Thompson said. “The way the options are approached, the way they are presented to the player, the way they work is like the side or top of the game-this is how they have been since the game has existed. Is this the right way, or should the options be Enter the future at the same speed as the rest of our design?”

Thompson hopes that the accessibility options in the game will eventually “change their essence”, and it is difficult to say what the future will look like. But it is these conversations and conversations that allow the gaming industry to think critically, brainstorm, and ultimately make progress in terms of design, accessibility, and appropriate support for gamers in the disabled community. GA Conf is not just another developer conference that the public cannot understand. On the contrary, the activities of Ian Hamilton and Tara Voelker brought disability thoughts, criticisms and concerns to studios and developers who can create these accessible experiences.


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