The stunning new “Dune” trailer begs you to watch “Dune” in the theater

If you know Anything about Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel duneExcept that it is An extra, This is the latest film adaptation that has been highly anticipated long time. Ever since David Lynch released his own ill-fated version in 1984, fans have been asking for a bigger and better version. dune the film. This is the white whale of science fiction-an unphotographable book that everyone wants to try.Maybe this is why when Warner Bros. announced in 2019 Arrivals Director Dennis Villeneuve will be the next person to try. The general consensus is, “Well, if anyone can do it, he can.” The suspense is real.

then Coronavirus disease Something happened, the theater closed, and what should have been the most anticipated movie of 2020 has become the most anticipated movie of 2021. then Warner Bros. announced all of its 2021 movies-including dune-It will premiere on its streaming service HBO Max, which will be released on the same day. Villeneuve, a movie fan in any sense, has a blue face, write on species The decision “may have just killed dune “Franchise rights” because it didn’t give the movie a chance to perform well at the box office. Today, the studio released the main trailer for this movie-it is actually begging you to see it in the cinema.

From the giant sandworm to the geometric impossibility of combining the cheekbones of Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, this is a movie made for the largest possible screen, preferably an Imax screen. The spice-filled beaches of Arrakis look like urban ships, diving suits, and the majestic floating image of Baron Harkonnen-all these things look ridiculous on a small screen; watching this trailer on a 15-inch MacBook is almost painful . This is a movie designed to allow the audience to sit on the seats of the theater. (Side note: Are there any of the above references—or anything This happened in this trailer-does it make sense to those who have not read the book? It looks beautiful, but, my goodness, it will be an uphill battle for those who don’t know what “spice” is. Look, it is essentially a drug that allows pilots to travel in space; it also makes people’s eyes blue, and… you know? It’s ok. )

In this sense, this dune The trailer has achieved its purpose. The huge turmoil brought about by the closure of Covid-19 theaters is that it has accelerated the transition from Hollywood to streaming movies on the day of theater releases. Except for Warner Bros.Moving, Disney also started to show movies Crura At the opening weekend of Disney+.Disney proved that this could be a Somewhat successful Model and Black widow, It made more than 200 million U.S. dollars during the opening weekend.But Disney charges a fee of $30 Black widow, dune, Unless something changes, anyone with a HBO Max login can use it for free. To make an impact, it must either sell a large number of theater tickets or significantly increase HBO Max subscriptions—or both.

Based on this trailer, it is shooting for the former. dune Released on October 22, as long as the coronavirus infection does not surge again (everyone is vaccinated! dune! ), the movie will be played on as many screens as possible.The following Black widowThe release of the National Association of Theater Owners issue a statement It basically means that Disney makes money by putting movies on its streaming service.There is no doubt that some people are afraid to put dune The same thing can be done on HBO Max, but if this trailer shows any signs, Villeneuve’s movie is here for the moon. Fear is a mental killer.

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