The real problem of “eternity”

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in every possible way, Chloe Zhao’s Eternal race It’s unprecedented.This is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Features deaf heroes (Mikkari of Lauren Ridlov). Also the first to feature homosexuals (Phastos by Brian Tyree Henry). It is bathed in natural light (Zhao’s signature) and is full of saviors and villains that were previously invisible in the MCU.It also has a rare difference First Marvel movies Prove bad exist Rotten Tomatoes.

To be sure, Rotten Tomatoes ratings are not everything-in an era where everyone is a critic (hello, Twitter), they are just a small part of the public’s overall view of any movie. But for Marvel movies, this is an adventure movie that really aims to please the audience, and its (currently) 53% score is very low. This is also a sign of what happens when a movie, any movie, is required to be everything to everyone. and, Eternal race It is an indicator of the growth pain inherent in pushing the MCU forward.

People often associate the dialogue that moves things forward with diversity and changing the classics. Eternal race Do this, but the small problem of the film has nothing to do with its actors and staff.Even its style, It does not have the super-color luster of many predecessors. Really, this is about the story it is trying to tell—and how much it has to adapt to the 2 hours and 37 minutes of running time.

The thing is, Eternal race There is no runway. Now in the fourth stage, the MCU’s reliance on large-scale team movies is reduced, and these movies are built on every story in front of them.Tony Stark not only waltzes Spider-Man: Homecoming Let everyone know who he is.There are not a large number of original story movies that lead to superhero slugfests like the AvengersIn many ways, this is beneficial to Zhao: She is free to make her own movies without getting into the dilemma of “matching” with all other movies in the MCU.No cameo Eternal race, And the Avengers and Thanos are just mentioned in passing.But it also means that she has to do the narrative equivalent to 10 independent films And the Avengers: Endgame——All heroes are far less recognizable than Spider-Man. Her movie also needs some drama in the group, so it spends a lot of time in the middle to play basically the entire arc. Captain America: Civil War. Too much.

Strangely, it is in these narrative beats on earth that this movie is the best. Zhao likes to create moments of interpersonal communication.But sometimes those moments feel like Eternal race Many action scenes.It also means that her film has to do a lot of emotional work in a short period of time; some things, perhaps, cause moments like Fastos to cry for his historic participation in the Hiroshima bombing, this scene is portrayed come out Some criticism. If even two or three heroes were given independent films before this movie, then it’s easy to imagine Zhao’s Eternal race This is almost a deliberate and bitter journey. On the contrary, this is a story that is too heavy for anyone.

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