The independent city building game finally takes into account climate change

“Alternative reality allows us to push the levers of exerting pressure on society to extremes, which is impossible in a real environment,” Frost Punk Design director Jakub Stokalski told WIRED. “And what happens to a large group of people under pressure-this is the real theme.”

although Frost Punk The background story of the volcano freed human beings from the predicament, the recent expansion, The last autumn, It depicts the efforts to prepare for the disaster, even though the majority of society denies its arrival.

“When making The last autumn, The question is what you will sacrifice to ensure future opportunities,” Stokalski said. “But not for yourself; for others. This sacrifice may not only be your own-you can choose to sacrifice others, whether they like it or not. “

That scene is Frost Punk concept.It’s not true about Climate change, but rather than discussing where your city’s fashionable recycling center looks most attractive, the core issue of our attempt to solve this problem is more like who and what to sacrifice. This is a problem game, not a goal.

“The society under pressure, and the measures players will take to ensure survival, is an interesting space in which we can ask disturbing questions,” Stokalski said. “I think these questions are very interesting because players have to answer them by making actual choices. We have reaped results on the road to “beating” the game.

“I think this is the unique ability of the game: to ask questions, players must answer through actions rather than statements. I think it makes sense to learn more about ourselves, because only in this way can we get better.”

Stokalski and his colleagues at 11 Bit Studios are working hard Frost Punk 2, This will see their alternative reality transition from coal to oil. Stokalski believes that these two resources are symbolic.Coal keeps on fire in the cold world, and oil is “a persuasive resource, a source of motivation for mankind’s great achievements, but at the same time it’s dark, sticky and dirty, everything it touches Things.” It’s not a clear comment on the times, but it’s hard to break away A series of negative headlines-As Stokalski puts it-“very bad news density” from game development.

if Frost Punk Challenge players to think about humans in the city, No Remind them that there are places where humans should not go.The upcoming simulation challenges players to demolish a city and turn the old urban wasteland into Wild natural space. If you manage your resources properly, your last action will be to reclaim your tools and leave, leaving no trace of human existence.This is an implicit criticism of the game, such as Civilization 6 and Skyline, The climate is just another bump on the road of infinite expansion of mankind.

Tentatively scheduled for 2022, No Is the latest work of a South African independent studio free life, Before commenting on war and masculinity in his own unique way Brother power and Genital contest. One of the goals of lead designer Sam Alfred is to show that even if you strip the building, well, city builders can still be fun and attractive.

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