The incredibly absurd world of “Elysium Disco: Final Editing Edition”

In order to realize this vision, Advance to the finalThe added political vision task answers that you have chosen one of four crazy political ideologies in your fanatical dream about your sad political inaction on the third day. Then you can make up your mind to establish a new, bossy order after waking up instead of wasting time on police work.

This may involve agreeing that war crimes are subjective, frustrated students complaining about the hypothetical assumptions of authoritarian communism, or contacting the radical moderate coalition gunships looming over the city to ask when the centrist will achieve results.

Other ridiculous ideologies include ultra-nationalism and super-capitalism, because your character is not rational enough to have normal political views. But I did not check them-partly because you have to emphatically agree to them at least 5 times to unlock them. My sense of irony is not enough to do this ironically.

It is worth noting that all the politics here are beautifully mocked, but fascism certainly has no dreamlike silver lining. It is cleverly dissected naked and usually very grotesque to illustrate its perfect ugliness from the inside.Often white creators will develop alternative world settings to escape uncomfortable conversations, even though Bliss Disco Whether you are addicted to them or not, they seem to be clearer than ever. It is inevitable to be at the cutting edge of society, to thrive in the post-colonial environment of the game.

The game’s deep-rooted humor in these dark things is what Kuvez described In an interview with As a hollow laugh. A natural response to the absurd and bleak truth.

This prompted me to ask the Kurvitz team if it is possible to have a little high expectations for all goals Bliss Disco Try to discuss. “It’s not special,” he said.

He said: “Because we didn’t intend to provide any answers or solutions for these (big) jars that we opened,” he said, “They were there for players to encounter, provide opinions, and be affected. ——but not to solve them. . Elysium is realistic-it’s good,” he explained.

“I think someone like your partner Kim Kitsuragi represents the system metaphor of the game. What he did for the officers Bliss Disco Do your best to do things for the players. It said, let us solve this problem. It’s not fair, and it’s not easy, but it’s not completely impossible… Hey, not much, but you have me. The standard set is not that high. It is difficult to complete because the game needs not to collapse due to errors, production issues, or quality errors. “

As Kurvitz said, somewhere near the end you realize Bliss Disco It’s about a broken person dealing with an infeasible case, but also a broken person surviving in an infeasible world. When you know it might not be resolved, Sisyphus will see it as it should. Way to solve. Cleverly, it does this without being really frustrating. The game cannot hide the exhausting pain it reflects, but it will make you more fulfilled than before. Deeply realize that you cannot rebuild without destruction, and this hope will never die.

Motion video clips posted by Gamespot Demonstrates the complexity described by Kurvitz Bliss DiscoThe original concept of the game, and how it is integrated into the base game assiduously.I asked him if he was satisfied Advance to the final Update.

“To my surprise, I would say: Yes. Bliss Disco Of course, this is not perfect, but I am very proud of everyone’s efforts. We have been working on this game for 7 years. We really did our best in time,” he said.

“But most importantly, I’m glad we can feel that feeling. The game world-Elysium-has this very special feeling. To describe it, we use the adjective “elytical”. Sometimes-when we are in When we encounter the same feeling in our world-we would say: very elytical, or “elüütiline” in Estonian. People also use “weird” and “magical”, which makes me very happy. This is the same as our ten When I was a few years old, I got the same feeling when I played Elysium in Origins of Tabletop Role Playing. Walking on those streets, staring at pale,” he recalled. “We were able to bottle this strange and familiar feeling and then pass it on to so many people. For me, this is an achievement that surpasses any regrets or problems I may encounter.”

simply put, Bliss Disco It is the unique skill of what we call the absurd disaster of human experience. Scary, beautiful, discotheque like hell.

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