The ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ Trailer Is Here. And It’s Already Causing Mayhem


The first trailer for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto VI has arrived and is teasing a new female protagonist. More of a teaser than anything, the trailer introducers viewers to Lucia, a woman who blames her incarceration on “bad luck, I guess.”

To say Grand Theft Auto VI is hotly anticipated is an understatement. Rockstar’s last car larceny game dropped more than 10 years ago, and despite a circus of speculation and some leaks in 2022, fans have seen almost nothing from the franchise.

Today’s trailer doesn’t offer much in the way of details: a series of flashing scenes set to Tom Petty’s “Love is a Long Road,” featuring beaches, late night parties, and a lot of butts as Lucia plans a robbery with a partner. It’s the first time Grand Theft Auto has included a female anti-hero, and it appears players will be returning to Vice City.

The game is currently set for release in 2025.

Rockstar Games released the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, which it’s been teasing for Tuesday, December 5, a day earlier than expected after it leaked. “Please watch the real thing on YouTube,” the developer tweeted.

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