The cheapest earbuds we tested are now only $16

When Apple is removed The headphone jack in the iPhone triggered a boom in wireless Bluetooth earbuds.There are countless choices (view We like it best here) But it’s hard to find any songs that are worth listening to and cost less than $100.

For many years, we have always liked JLab Audio’s products; its Golf club bud The performance is much less than AirPods. When it comes to their sound and manufacturing quality, JLab headphones can easily be sold at twice the price without anyone blinking. Go Air is its cheapest set and one of the smallest, lightest and most comfortable earbuds we have tested.

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Our audio critic Parker Hall points out Go to air Do everything you expect wireless earplugs to do. You can answer calls and do bobby sports while using MF Doom. They sound warm and energetic, and have huge, rumble bass, and they sound great during your daily walks. Their case even has a built-in USB-A cable for easy charging.

Of course, for only $16, they won’t have high-fidelity sound quality. They also use a unique open top case. Magnets hold the buds inside, but without a covering, they do attract some lint in the pocket. However, if you have been looking for a pair of earplugs that won’t panic when you drop them in the bottom of your bag or in the sewer grille, then these are definitely worth it.

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