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Time-the predator of youth; Milk spoiler; the oldest and deadliest enemy of mankind. In film, however, we can easily conquer time: run forward and backward, jump into the future or the past through simple editing. Filmmakers are constantly time-traveling, so it is no coincidence that so many movies have turned this trick into a plot conceit.

But unfortunately, for their protagonists, the best time travel movies often show us that the prison of time is inevitable. Even if these protagonists seem to have found a way out, from natural wormholes to heretical machines, their fate is usually predetermined: usually they end up in a time loop or just die.Time and death Is a close partner.

Of course, for the audience, this chaos can turn into puzzling entertainment, so needless to say, let us introduce our selection of the best time travel movies.

Terminator 1 and 2

Terminator 1 with 2 It’s really a completely different movie. First of all, Terminator Arnie is a bad guy. He was sent back in time by our machine overlord to kill a woman, she will give birth to a child, and lead humanity to victory in resistance. A person from the aforementioned resistance group was sent back to stop Ani. This is a dark and weird story: a classic action movie with a tight budget. In contrast, the second is a big budget event, probably the greatest special effects in film history. Here, Arnie, who has now become a blockbuster star, asks to play a good person: he is still a robot, but he is protecting key children from the cold and more advanced T-1000 robot.


The most famous House of Art movie about time travel, pier Follow a person who was sent back from a dystopia after World War III to save the future and find the truth behind the traumatic memories of his past. The movie is only 28 minutes long and is a series of simple black and white photos that tell a hazy narrative, but it is very attractive.Terry Gilliam turned it into 12 monkeys, A funny, colorful capers starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, an equally weird movie with a different tone.


This modern science fiction classic tells about the “coming” of a huge, peaceful, ink-stained squid alien. Before the geopolitical dispute escalated the situation into a nuclear exchange, Amy Adams had to translate the squid’s plea into American English. (Spoiler: it has to do with time travel.) This visually stunning movie is based on Your life story, A short story by Ted Chiang, he is one of the best sci-fi writers alive. This film introduces his writing very well.

Groundhog Day

Bill Murray (Bill Murray) is a classic work featuring a laid-back best state. Murray plays a clumsy news reporter who wakes up one morning to find himself trapped in the time loop of Groundhog Day (yes, that’s where the word comes from). When he realized that he was now an omniscient god, fear gave way to joy. Then it gave way to boring, because he lived on the same day countless times, and Murray had to figure out why he was cursed. It is still a touching and thoughtful comedy.


If you really want to understand the details of time travel itself, this is really a time travel movie that beats them. The two engineers stumbled upon an “A-to-B” causal cycle side effect: they could basically travel through a short period of time and start using it to make big money in the stock market. What follows is a highly technical and philosophical view of the impact of time travel.


Looper It’s just a sealed, fantastic action movie: a fascinating world, outlined in less than two hours, containing interesting and interesting characters. Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a contract killer who killed and disposed of his target in the past to avoid detection in the future. Bruce Willis plays his older self, and Levitt’s task is to kill him.The realism of time travel is not the real focus of the film: writer Rian Johnson directly associates it with Primer, The rules of time travel are so important; Looper It is intended as a character-driven thriller.

your name

One of the highest grossing anime movies of all time, your name It was a sleek, slightly hollow event, but it was undoubtedly an excellent entertainment. The children of the two schools exchange bodies every night, quarreling to destroy each other’s lives, and then eventually fall in love. They must fight against time to save a small town from the disaster of the end of the world. The animation is gorgeous, drawing and smooth, the music from Radwimps is wonderful earworm pop, and the story is a real tear-jerking.


Time travel place purpose Largely unexplained, in interstellar Nolan actually seemed interested in teaching his audience and did an admirable job in portraying some of the implications of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The dialogue in this movie may be a bit sweet and boring, but visiting this mountain wave star takes a few minutes. It’s just a great movie, and it’s worth the admission fee alone.

Donnie Darko

A cult classic that made Jack Gyllenhaal famous. This is a high-concept movie that bombards you with knowledge, but it’s actually not as smart as it thinks. It’s best to sit down and let it wash over you, including of course the iconic Black Rabbit Frank, who told Gyllenhaal that the world will end in 28 days. It is also an important artifact of a certain part of millennial culture: any Gen Z cultural critic trying to understand millennial neurosis should add this film to their research.

Planet of the Apes

Original Planet of the Apes It’s a very strange movie-now there is something disturbing about apes: the prosthetic makeup technique of artist John Chambers was revolutionary at the time. But while the prequel with Andy Serkis is definitely more dynamic, the original must be on the list because it has the most iconic time travel “distortion” in the movie.Charlton Heston’s final revelation of hitting the beach with his fist at the end of the movie was teased to death, most notably The Simpsons. (This also creates a wonderful Music adaptation the film. )

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