The best cross-platform games for consoles and PCs

Cross-border games-that is, Games that you can play online with people on a different console or platform than yours are becoming more common, but they are also becoming more and more fragmented. Some games are only available in a few places, and it is usually not clear why some platforms support cross-platform while others do not.

Here, we have collected the best games that can be run in as many game destinations as possible so that you can play with friends and family all over the world. Interested in more game content?Check out our guide Best gaming headset, Best gamepad, Best gaming mouse, with Best gaming keyboard.

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Fort night

Photo: Epic Games

The gold standard of cross-play may be one of the most obvious, but it is worth mentioning. Fort night Let users from Windows, Xbox One and Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, with Android can play with their friends, no matter which platform they are on, as long as they become friends through an Epic account.You can play on Mac or iOS, if you have already downloaded the app, but new players will No luck for the foreseeable futureThe system sorts the player pool by complexity, and defaults to the highest level—for example, all your PC friends cannot queue up with mobile players and destroy them—but if you want your friends to use iPhone to enter the PlayStation The game you can.

Fort night Developer Epic also owns and operates Unreal Engine and a huge library of developer tools, including Epic Online Service PlatformThese tools allow developers to add similar cross-play features to their own games. We mention it here because you will see it pop up again. If you want to play games across consoles or devices, you may end up with an Epic account.

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my world

Photo: Microsoft; Nothing

Microsoft’s Mojang my world It is a strange paradox of cross-play. Even if they are playing games on different platforms, players can join the same server, but they must use the same version.If you keep playing my world Since it’s out, you might still be there Java Edition, Which can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

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