The 3 best smart pens we have tried so far (2021)

In most places All over the country, students have returned to school to study.Some are entering the classroom for the first time in a year, while others are Continue studying From their table. No matter where you are, the school needs to take notes.

Typing on a laptop may be faster, but Writing down something physically can help you remember and learn more. Some of us Prefer to put a real pen on paper, But having a digital backup makes it easy to organize and learn anytime, anywhere.

The smart pen allows you to write by hand and immediately own digital files. You can save the file as a PDF, image, Word document, or transcribe it as a text file in Google Docs, making all your notes searchable. Some smart pens can also record, which is very suitable for lectures and interviews. If your notes need to be upgraded, we suggest you try it.

If the digital pen cannot cut it, please check our Best children’s tablet or Best laptop backpack.

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