Standing desk offer: Flexispot’s adjustable desk is now $100 off


Standing desk is not s answer Sit on the epidemic-You should start exercising-but if you work from home, they are a great way to stretch your legs.The adjustable height of the desk allows you to add accessories such as Walking treadmill List your daily steps below or Under the table bicycle If you want to try them. Height-adjustable desks are usually expensive, but one of our favorite affordable models, the Flexispot EN1, Currently priced at $245.

This is the same as our model Work at home equipment Guide, but its surface area is slightly larger at 55 inches. You can get three height presets. It will be very convenient if there are multiple people using the table. Its height ranges from 28 inches to about 48 inches. A single motor is not too loud or shakes too much, but don’t expect it to move fast. You can place up to 154 pounds of equipment on the desktop.I have been using 48 inch version For more than half a year, I haven’t failed once.

There is nothing special about the desktop. This is your garden-style particleboard, but that doesn’t mean it feels bad. It is smooth and looks very elegant. The legs and frame are made of powder-coated steel. After so long, there are no scratches on my legs (despite my malicious attack) Robot vacuum cleaner).

My only doubt is the settings. Because Flexispot’s manual and video instructions are not very clear, it took more work than I realized. But since I put it together, it worked as advertised.

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This deal is part of a wider Amazon daily sale Highlight Flexispot’s most popular products, Which means the sale ends today.Other discounts include Stand-up desk converter for US$119 (US$51 off). It can reach 35 inches high on your existing desk. Flexispot also has two layers Adjustable standing desk for $290 ($125 off), Which will boost your display.

We have not tested many other Flexispot products, but if EN1 is of any use, these should serve you well.

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