Sony Pulse 3D wireless headset evaluation: PS5 spatial sound, cheap hardware


When parents buy The brand new PlayStation 5 for the family-if they Can find one-They might catch Some first-party accessories Use with the console.This may include Sony’s latest Pulse 3D wireless headphonesThese headsets are the default headsets for PS5 users, but I’m here to tell you to expand your horizons-you don’t have to insist on using Sony-made accessories.

Considering the price of $99, Pulse 3D can do the job well, but you don’t need headphones to take full advantage of PlayStation 5’s stylish new 3D audio technology. Save your money. It is very likely that a compatible pair of earphones by your side is sufficient.

For PS5

This wireless headset comes with a USB dongle, you can plug it into a PC, Mac or PlayStation, and it will pair Pulse 3D with the system. You can also get a 3.5 mm headphone cable, so you can plug it into any device with an audio jack. However, on almost all devices, you will get a basic stereo audio experience. The attraction is Sony’s Tempest 3D audio technology, which can only be obtained when the Pulse is connected to the PS5.

Tempest is a new system that allows game developers to attach sounds to specific objects and make these sounds change based on their relative positions, making the game world more immersive. The trick is that all of this happens in software.Have a Very complicated explanation for How it works, But the good news is that it works with most stereo headphones. No need for surround sound, Virtual or other, Hear audio that feels like moving in 3D space.

This puts Pulse 3D in a strange position.Despite the subtle meaning in the name, you actually do not Sony’s first-party headset is needed to get the benefits of the Tempest system. Almost any wired or wireless headset will do. This means that Sony’s hardware needs to be based on its own advantages.

For such cheap headphones, Pulse will emit thunderous bass and provide clear, detailed sound in important places. When paired with PS5, there are three equalizer presets to choose from—standard, bass boost, and shooting—and three slots for you to adjust yourself. This is a convenient way to adjust the audio to your liking, and if you decide to change it, you can revert to the same settings later.

The lack of a cantilever microphone (a slim microphone that usually sticks out of a headset) on Pulse 3D is too bad.Headphones cannot isolate your voice from background noise very well, so if you often play in a noisy environment, you will want Look elsewhere.

Harsh design

Photo: Sony

The physical design and construction of a pair of headphones is like a computer-generated image (CGI) in a movie. Do it right, you may not notice the visual effects, but if done poorly, they will stick out like a sore thumb. Pulse 3D belongs to the latter. The plastic shells of cans and headbands are cheap and fragile. The buttons on the left earcup are thin, sharp, and uncomfortable to the touch.


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