So… what if an alien quantum computer can explain dark energy?

When i live In the Bay Area, I used to party with my friends Jaylen Lanier Explore the meaning of extremely strange thought experiments.

Weird thought experiments have always been indispensable in the history of scientific thought, but the focus is not on the weird itself. Thinking that the return of a weird thing like Schrödinger’s cat who is notorious and lives at the same time is not necessarily that we should “believe” in the existence of such a cat. On the contrary, we can hope that unusual ideas will illuminate the dark edges of our thoughts; in the case of Schrödinger’s cat, deal with the problem of superposition. The point is not to confuse or confuse people, but to finally find a more meaningful and less vague way of thinking.

The strange concept I want to consider here comes from the discussion of the search for alien life forms. There are many ways to find signs of extraterrestrial life in the universe, usually involving a large number of telescopes. One method is based on the hope that astronomers may get luck and opportunities in alien radio broadcasts. But in the thought experiment that Lanier and I explored, we considered a different and more dramatic possibility.

Suppose there are many alien civilizations running the huge quantum computers that Google and other companies have just begun to build on Earth. This leads to a very strange question: Will extreme amounts of very remote quantum computing cause any astronomically observable effects? By carefully observing the night sky, can we humans see evidence of quantum computers in the universe?

We considered all possible ways, but in the end we focused on a wonderful possibility.So it goes like this: First of all, alien quantum computers can explain Dark energy, Because the calculations of a large number of extraterrestrial creatures in the entire universe bend the entire universe (or rather, it is not). Because we can observe the influence of dark energy, accelerating the expansion of the universe, which means that we have seen evidence that our universe is alive outside of us-but we have not yet realized it! Fortunately, we found that considering this almost incalculable concept has real human-scale rewards: it helps us clarify how we think about the reasonable relationship between gravity and quantum information. (If you find this weird, you should read some competing ideas. A recent paper shows that dark energy is actually a sign that time will no longer be time, but will become space. Then we will Frozen time, but four-dimensional. In contrast, our proposal, aliens, etc., is actually docile.)

Let’s pass Step by step argument: what are quantum computers and why do aliens use them?

Let us assume that, just like us, many alien civilizations want the best computers for some purpose. To facilitate the argument, we assume that aliens want to enjoy high-quality virtual reality, so they built computers to achieve this goal. If the computer running the alien VR is the classic type we are using now (based on the mathematical framework developed by the pioneers of computer science John von Neumann and Alan Turing in the mid-20th century), then aliens usually endure Inferior virtual world experience. You might think that classic computers should be able to do this task-after all, the special effects in movies have become quite realistic, and classic computers can calculate these effects-but this is not the case. Remember, the movie is prepared in advance. However, virtual reality must create sensations for the human body as quickly as reality.

Classic computers cannot work so fast. In addition, in some cases, the human body can react to reality with the highest possible sensitivity. For example, in some cases, the retina can produce a neural response to a single photon. In this case, the human body has become as discriminative as physics might allow. Just as classical computers cannot be as fast as the universe, they cannot be so sharp. If we assume that aliens in other places have evolved to be sensitive to this ultimate quantum reality level under certain special circumstances, just as we are sensitive to light, then when they try to design non-humans that can simulate reality at the ultimate level They will encounter problems with the details of quantum supercomputers and VR devices. This is one of the reasons why we speculate that insightful aliens will seek the power of quantum computers to run their virtual worlds.

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