Slidgo X8 review: lightweight electric scooter


The throttle is located on the right handlebar. When you start, you slightly push the throttle down to start the 350 watt motor. When it reaches the 6-second mark, you will hear a beep (it is noisy, remember?), which means that the cruise control is on. This means you can worry about braking without the accelerator. This is a good contact. (If you do not After releasing the throttle after the first beep, the X8 just keeps… the beep. )

It’s great not to think about pushing the throttle, especially because braking is not as simple as pressing the brake lever on the left handlebar. The disc brake works in conjunction with an electronic brake and a foot brake. By pushing down on the rear fender, you can activate the latter with your feet. It is not the strongest braking system, but I have never found it difficult to stop quickly and completely.

So how is the schedule? It’s fine on a well-paved road, but the slightest crack, the smallest pothole, the smallest rock, it feels like you were knocked down by a bull.Seriously, you can feel Every bump on the road with 10 inch rubber tires. When I accidentally drove onto a grated road, it was a nightmare. I think every pedestrian watched me struggling to stay on the X8 with interest because it panted violently and left.

You can choose from three different riding modes (or “gears”) to adjust the speed of the scooter: Eco, Beginner and Sport. You switch them with a button, but seeing the beginner limit me at about 9 mph, I just left it in motion. In this mode, I usually reach around 19 mph, which is very suitable for dense urban environments with a lot of pedestrians and traffic lights.Unless you have more things may be overkill Long road (And a more generous speed limit).

The speed of X8 may be reasonable, but the acceleration will make you unsatisfied. Too many times I have seen other people riding scooters, bicycles, and cars passing by me when the traffic lights are on. It will also struggle on small hills-it will climb them well, but only at 11 or 12 mph.

Lightweight ride

Riding the X8 may not be as comfortable as the more expensive electric scooters I have tried, but I am glad that I can fold it up in a few seconds and bring it to the store effortlessly. This alone makes up for most of its shortcomings.

A grey area? Slidgo is a new brand under Adorama, the retailer is a newcomer in the field of electric scooters. You can only get a one-year warranty for the X8 and a six-month warranty for the battery. Adorama has a customer service team. If you encounter problems, you can contact them. The company stated that it provides replacement parts, but it does not have its own service center.

If you don’t mind taking risks on this brand, your area has good roads, and the places you usually go are not far away, then X8 is a reliable way to travel. My 8-mile round trip to the ice cream shop was very enjoyable, except I yelled “Jesus“When passing through a pothole.


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