Seven EU countries have just obtained digital vaccine passports


Why is it important: As a pioneer, the EU can help lead global travel after the pandemic. The EU is negotiating with the United States on how to check the vaccination status of American tourists this summer. This may cause concerns among ethicists and data privacy experts, who worry that vaccine passports can be used to further deepen inequality. (To learn more about the reasons, please see Full coverage of problem From our epidemiological technology project team. )

Dead end? In any case, it seems unlikely at the moment Vaccine passport Travel within the United States will become common. Several states including Alabama, Arizona, Florida and Georgia have banned their use.New York’s Excelsior Pass is the first US government-issued vaccine passport and has been downloaded More than a million timesBut this represents only a small part of the 9 million people who have been vaccinated, and most companies have not yet used it.

Even the first movers are abandoning them. Israel is one of the first countries to introduce vaccine passports. its”Green pass“The purpose is to allow those who can prove that they have been vaccinated to enter restaurants and participate in sports events. But with the successful launch of vaccination in the country, the number of coronaviruses has dropped to double digits. Israel cancelled the pass this week As it is fully open to everyone.


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