Salt Bae’s next great action?Endless content

Then, a piece of gold-coated steak can be cleverly used as the dividing line between us and them. On September 26, when someone Posted a receipt on Twitter Showing that other people seem to have spent $2,400 in the restaurant, the Internet went into a frenzy, and this tweet received nearly 25,000 likes (the authenticity of the receipt has never been confirmed).Since then, many other (maybe fake, but no one seems to care) Nusr-Et receipts have been Generated headlines; A claim shows A 49,000 dollar bill.

The whole thing is a successful click formula, almost and $67 Cappuccino.

However, Salt Bae doesn’t just provide content for reporters; his entire plan is to create content for his clients. In the past few weeks, if you ordered a steak at Salt Bae’s London, it was his own big steak. He would sprinkle salt dramatically in front of you and even throw the meat strips directly into your mouth. inside. If a customer goes to Salt Bae’s restaurant and doesn’t take a picture of him slicing their steak, is it even sliced?

“He is always willing to perform for the camera,” said Makiez Arghandewal, a 24-year-old refugee resettlement volunteer from San Francisco. “I have been to Salt Bae’s Istanbul restaurant at least a dozen times.” Arghandewal used to live in the same hotel as Salt Bae and interrupted his fitness class to shoot the video. “He is very happy,” she explained. “He is really patient and understands people’s needs for social media content.”

Arghandewal has a TikTok account, @kieeezzy, She has accumulated 37,700 fans by posting 31 videos, 7 of which feature Salt Bae.she Most popular videos-The clip of Salt Bae (besides what to do) cutting the golden steak-has 13.4 million views, while her non-Salt Bae video has only 600 views. “Salt Bae definitely attracted a lot of people,” Arghandewal said. “He is the gold of social media.”

Arghandewal described Nusr-Et Istanbul as a “very trendy atmosphere” and the staff “understand that most people take pictures there.” When she came for the second time, the waiter found that she was in the bathroom when the first dish was served, so he took out the second appetizer and assembled the slices in front of her so that she could take a video.

Then, the whole thing was constructed with social media in mind-the natural next step Decorated restaurant Extremely online, where The menu can only be obtained through a QR code. Salt Bae has 39.8 million followers on Instagram, his international reputation is attributed to social media, he clearly understands the power of the Internet (although it may be a bit far-fetched to call him a master, because his recent schtick is posting his own video saying “Cappuccino“In a lengthy way). This is someone who intercepts and shares every headline about him in his Instagram stories, even those who criticize him How much does he pay the employees. Salt Bae seems to know that all publicity is good publicity.

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