Reset the computer once a year to make life happier

Reset your laptop It is one of the most powerful ammunition in your troubleshooting arsenal. It restores your Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS computer to the state it was in when you first brought it home from the store, which means you don’t have any clutter or errors, which may have been in the time since then .

Fortunately, this process is much easier than before. Microsoft, Apple, and Google have already placed tools for this task in their operating systems. Many applications rely more and more on the cloud, so your important data may have been backed up somewhere online and can be downloaded again at any time.

When it comes to getting gadgets to work again, resetting gadgets has become a cliché, but that’s because it is actually an effective strategy. Over time, the software may become bloated, the settings files may become corrupted, and your computer drive may be filled with extra stuff.

Not only that, resetting will eliminate most of it-although Not necessarily all— Malware and other harmful programs may have entered your system. After you restore your computer to its original condition, you are actually starting from scratch, with the opportunity to load only the applications and files you really need.

Once upon a time, this process was full of hardships and dangers; one wrong move, your photo library may be lost forever. But nowadays, for most people, it is direct and fast enough to manage it easily.

In other words, before you start, make sure you have backed up everything you need. Where are your important photos, videos and documents? Can you reinstall all the network software you depend on? Are all your browser passwords and other data synchronized to a safe place?

Services such as Netflix and Spotify mean that we no longer keep as many things on the computer as we used to, but instead conduct a comprehensive review of everything you save locally. It will be erased, so make sure to store it safely elsewhere.If you haven’t yet, please register Cloud storage service Or connecting an external hard drive can help here.

Are you not ready for a hard reset today?May still be worth the time Free up space on your computer And delete unnecessary programs.

After backing up your data and completing the preparations, you can reset your laptop and enjoy all the benefits of a clean tablet.


Photo: Microsoft

Open Windows settings panel pass through Gear icon exist Start Menu and select Update and security and recover. Click Reset computer Start the reset process. Windows itself recommends resetting as a possible method to improve the performance of a poorly running computer.

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