Recent books from the MIT community


The Decision Intelligence Handbook: Practical Steps for Evidence-Based Decisions in a Complex World
By Nadine Malcolm ’70 and L.Y. Pratt  
O’REILLY MEDIA, 2023, $65.99

Spirituality Is for Every Body: 8 Accessible, Inclusive Ways to Connect with the Divine When Living with Disability
By Allison V. Thompkins, PhD ’11
HAY HOUSE, 2024, $17.99

Pomegranate: A Novel
By Helen Elaine Lee, professor of comparative media studies/writing
ATRIA BOOKS, 2023, $27.99

Pixels & Paintings: Foundations of Computer-Assisted Connoisseurship
By David G. Stork ’76
WILEY, 2023, $174.95

An Introduction to System Safety Engineering
By Nancy G. Leveson, professor of aero-astro and engineering systems
MIT PRESS, 2023, $75

Word Solitaire: The Secret Word’ll Be in the Cards
By Peter Gordon ’88
PUZZLEWRIGHT, 2023, $11.99

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