Our favorite photos of 2021


In 2021, we will see images from the depths of the geological age, to visionaries dedicated to solving today’s pressing problems, to glimpses of the future of superhuman beings.

Inside the machine that saved Moore’s Law
Christopher Payne
Worker harvesting celery crop
How technology finally started to tell farmers things they didn’t know
Lucas Ye
Portrait of Tiffany Chu
The pandemic may make public transportation better
Jonah Cassinger

Douyin phone
The beauty of TikTok’s secret, surprising and extremely accurate recommendation algorithm
Sierra and Lenny
The world’s largest collection of deformed brains
Adam Fulges and Robin Finlay

Get up close with transhumanists
David Ventena
Fairy Lake Mud Core
This collaboration between photographers and scientists demonstrates the speed of climate change
Ian Van Keller
Nomzamo Cape Town aerial view
These drone photos show inequality in cities around the world
Johnny Miller

Jim Watkins
How to solve the problem of innovation economy destroying the United States
Nick Hagen


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