Our best illustrations of 2021

FromMIT Technology ReviewThe art team, here are some of our favorite illustrations this year:

Calculations help answer 3 space science questions
Daniel Launcher
Conceptual image showing various female faces being scanned
A terrifying new AI application can convert women into porn videos with just one click
Pedro Necoi
Fiction: Dark space on the map
Illustration by JOAN WONG
Eat chicken net
If we go beyond profit, technology can help us feed the world
Pablo Delcan
Portland and Montreal public toilet illos
How to build a clean and safe independent public restroom
Julian Grand
Conceptual collage illustrations depicting directors and actors from Netflix Indian TV series and movies
Netflix v. Modi and the battle of Indian movie souls

Concept map
Deepfake porn is ruining women’s lives. Now, the law may eventually ban it.
Franziska Bachik

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