Nanoleaf Lines Review: Futuristic color-changing ambient light bar

With support for millions of colors and a large number of animation scenes, Nanoleaf Lines can create any atmosphere you desire. They are most fascinating in a dark room, with color cycling, but they are very versatile. I use daylight effects to illuminate my office during the day, against the dark winter outside, and then switch to flowing animated colors at night.

The application is not the simplest, but it is worth browsing and downloading scenes. There are many options, you can make your own. But it took me too long to create a bland scene, so I recommend only picking from the popular list on the “Discovery” tab.

Fortunately, you don’t have to use the Nanoleaf app too much, because you can connect Lines with Google Assistant through the Home app, or connect them with Apple’s HomeKit or Amazon’s Alexa.They also support IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, and can expand the connection Through the Thread device acting as a Thread router.

Smart sync

Photo: Nano Leaf

Compared to cheaper alternatives, the enhancement of Nanoleaf Lines is the polished synchronization function. As an add-on to the original panel, the Nanoleaf Rhythm module is built-in here, which means Lines can react to any music playing in the room. This is great when you want a party atmosphere. The color beats in time with the tune.

I set Lines above my desk and am happy to test the screen mirroring effect, which matches the colors on the computer monitor. You must run Nanoleaf’s desktop application to make it work (this means it cannot be used with your TV unless you use a PC or laptop with a large screen).but Computer game player Will be inspired by it. It adds a bit of immersion, and Razer fans will also be happy to see Razer Chroma support.

Nanoleaf Lines look much better when lit than when they are not lit, but when you are not using them, they are not as ugly as panels. You still need to consider whether the matte white plastic (matte black or pink case is available for an additional $20) is suitable for your decoration.They will not be affected by game settings, modern minimalist offices or Children’s room, But they will conflict in some settings. Some additional options, such as wood finishes, can help them blend in with other rooms. Sadly, no matter where you put them, you will get stuck by the power cord running down the wall and look messy.

A starter kit with only 9 lines costs $200, and a three-line expansion kit costs $70. They are very expensive. Maybe the closest competitor, Govee’s Glide light bar, Starting from half of that price. But Nanoleaf’s Lines can produce beautiful lighting effects, ensuring seamless collaboration with any smart home setting. After spending a few weeks with them, I am convinced that they are the best the company can provide.

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