Must beat “The Internet remains unbeaten”

Big ship Trapped in the Suez Canal, Oprah waved to Meghan and Harry with her “stopped” hand. When the sun baby watched approvingly, all the teletubbies slapped each other blue, Donald Trump shared A photo criticizing transgender athletes. These memes are unified, not just summarizing the madness of 2021, but in the four words that continue to appear around them and countless others, in the title and comments: “The Internet is still undefeated.”

You must have seen these words, but maybe you haven’t read them. (Congratulations on your sanity.) An immoral stand-in who doesn’t care about politics Ha ha, screw you, with Thank you, Used for schadenfreude and Musket“The Internet is undefeated” is a phrase about the Internet, ubiquitous, ubiquitous, meaning that there is nothing. A seemingly gentle expression-until you turn back.

The Internet is still undefeated.this the Internet remains Undefeated. the Internet remains Undefeated.

The more I encounter these words, the more they scare me. This is not just their ambiguous rotten onion: when did the Internet’s winning streak begin? For what or who is it undefeated? We ourselves, maybe. But why do many of us remind ourselves so cheerfully that we have defeated ourselves?What will, can, should defeat What is the Internet like? But my disdain for this sentence is also because of its deep emotions. The real horror of “Internet invincibility” is that it is most often used in a relaxed and pleasant environment, but it exposes the deepest darkness in our online life. This darkness is either blind to or numb.

Search on The term “undefeated Internet” suggests that the oldest surviving use of this terrible phrase may belong to the film critic and meme lord Timothy Hall (@peoplescrtic) from Seattle. On the morning of August 12, 2013, he posted a Frowning Russell Westbrook, A fickle NBA generator, processed by Photoshop from the classic arcade character selection screen Desperate fight, The title is “The Internet is still undefeated.” This is a textbook usage, kindly Hall said that he has been using it in social media and group chats for many years. For him, this sentence summed up the Internet as the great equalizer in the world. “You can be POTUS,” he said, “or you can be a football mom, yelling in the game, not knowing that you are being filmed. Everyone is a fair game to be a meme. Maybe POTUS makes you Become a meme, or my 14-year-old nephew. You may not know this is your day, you just have to follow the trend and let the Internet beat you until it’s someone else’s turn.”

But Hall cannot be praised for creating the word. He said he must have picked it up from someone on the Internet along the way. “If someone claims to have invented it,” he added, “the Internet will defeat them. This is the beauty of it.”

For a wide range of social media users like Hall, “Internet undefeated” is a simple expression of happiness on the surface, or a nostalgia for the happier era of the Internet.Ryan Milner, Professor of Internet Culture at the College of Charleston, author World meme, To say that this sentence can be traced back to the time between 2003 and 2013, when the Internet “is still like this other A place that is not subject to and may exceed the rules of the real world. “This is the heyday of early YouTube and message boards like Something Awful. 4chanAnd Reddit, “When you see a series of subcultural events and content creation becoming the tone for those who are still very online.” So, in 2021, people are talking about Bernie Sanders and his gloves. Or the discord between you Fall plans and Delta variants, Because it reminds me that online life seems to have nothing to do with live mass murders and democratic algorithm-driven deaths, but more with hooliganism and hoaxes. On the surface, Milner said, this sentence “is a way of appreciation when the early spirit of collective creativity online resurfaces.”

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