More content moderation is not always better


As companies develop more and more technologies to find and delete content in different ways, people expect that they should use it. can Moderate means should Moderately. After all, once the tool is in use, it is difficult to put it back in the box. But content review is snowballing now, and collateral damage in its path is often overlooked.

Have the opportunity Now think carefully about the way forward. Trump’s social media accounts and elections are in the rearview mirror, which means that content review is no longer a constant story for A1. Perhaps this proves that the actual source of most anxiety is politics, not platforms.But there is-or there should be-some lingering uneasiness Awesome power display A small number of company executives showed this when they closed the switch of the free world leader’s account.

The chaos of 2020 has shattered any notion that the few powerful people in Silicon Valley must eliminate the obvious category of harmful “misinformation”, or there is even a way to separate health from politics. For example, last week, Facebook Changed the policy It also stated that it will no longer delete posts claiming that Covid-19 is man-made or manufactured.Just a few months ago New York Times Quoted beliefs about this”Unfounded“Theory as evidence suggests that social media has contributed to a continuing “reality crisis.” There is a similar back and forth with mask. In the early days of the pandemic, Facebook Prohibit Advertise them on the website.This continues until June, When the World Health Organization finally Changed its guidance It is recommended to wear a mask, although many experts recommend wearing a mask Earlier. Good news, I think, it’s them Not so effective The first is to enforce the ban. (However, at the time, this was not considered good news.)

As the authorities make more and more mistakes during the pandemic, or in the case of politics rather than professional knowledge and firm narratives, people will naturally become more suspicious of trusting them or private platforms to decide when to close the dialogue. Issuing public health guidelines for specific moments is not the same as declaring a reasonable line of debate.

Calls for further suppression also have geopolitical costs. Authoritarian and authoritarian governments around the world have pointed to the statements of liberal democracies justifying their censorship. This is obviously a specious comparison. Stop criticizing the government for handling public health emergencies, As the Indian government did, Is obviously an insult to freedom of speech.But there is Yes A little nervous when yelling on the platform to remove more things Here But don’t take so much over there. So far, Western governments have refused to solve this problem. In the global rise of digital authoritarianism, they have largely left the platform to make a living. The platform is failing. If the government wants to defend the rights of many of its users abroad, they need to chew gum while talking about platform regulation and freedom of speech.

There are other trade-offs.Because large-scale content review will Never be perfect, The problem is always that you should make mistakes when you implement the rules. Tighter rules and stricter enforcement inevitably mean more false positives: that is, more valuable comments will be deleted.This problem has become more serious due to increasing reliance on automated audits to remove content on a large scale: these tools are Blunt and stupidIf you are told to delete more content, the algorithm will not think twice. For example, they cannot assess the background or distinguish content that glorifies violence or record evidence of human rights violations. During the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the past few weeks, the cost of this approach was obvious because Facebook Delete repeatedly Fundamental contents From and about the Palestinians.this is Not one-off. Maybe it should Is not Always hint at it-especially because we know that these errors tend to go down Disproportionately On already Marginalization with Vulnerable community.


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