Kenji Eno breaks new ground for video games

Technology In the 1990s, innovations including 3D graphics and affordable storage in the form of CD-ROM opened the door to a new generation of video game innovators. One of them is Kenji Eno.

Eno’s games are known for their unique creativity, although they have never achieved major commercial success. But this is part of the reason that allowed Eno to move on and inspired his passionate work ethic and independence first mentality.

“Eno’s job is a lesson in overcoming difficulties,” said author and video game historian John Anderson. “Eno’s point is: forget the social norms you think hinder you. Bring your creativity from the shadows into the world.”

I always think it’s interesting that someone can “walk before their time”. In his 20 years of making games, Eno has indeed proved his requirements.Nowadays, common walking simulators are like Fire watcher with Remains of Edith Finch This puts narrative first-the movie-driven experience zeroes odd numbers, rather than rogue difficulty. Eno was the first to explore this accepted aesthetics of game design. Nevertheless, his most famous game, D, Hardly a footnote in the history of video games.Maybe if he keeps producing D Today, this game and his work may be more widely recognized.

Humble beginning

On March 1, 1994, Eno founded Warp, a game studio that will continue to produce his most recognized works. The studio is entirely a start-up company with limited personnel and resources, which will affect the platform the studio focuses on development. A few years before the original PlayStation was launched and quickly occupied the market, Tripp Hawkins, the founder of Electronic Arts, left and founded 3DO. One of its greatest achievements is 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, a 32-bit game console that uses CD technology and 3D polygon graphics at the forefront. Eno was attracted by the cost of console development.Using 3DO’s technical capabilities, his goal is to develop an ambitious movie game experience, which will become the 1995 D.

When the “survival horror” is still a few months-or, in resident EvilIn this way, a year later, Warp released the game. The story tells the story of Laura Harris investigating a hospital after her father had a mental illness, which led to a mass murder spree (with the controversial side of cannibalism).

The gameplay is a bit like mysteryThe player’s every move is matched with the dramatic movie sequence on the screen. Coupled with the extremely ominous and moody soundtrack created by Eno himself, D At that time, it achieved commercial success, sold 1 million copies in Japan, and became a 3DO system seller. In the United States, it became a fanatical classic, pushing Eno’s name to the stratosphere of the gaming public.

Game developers are rock stars

“What I respect most about Eno is that he wants to provide a better working environment for Japanese game developers,” Andersen said. “He saw how American game developers worked in the early to mid-1990s; he wanted to provide the same environment for Japanese game developers.”

Although American developers like id Software’s John Romero and John Carmack stepped into the spotlight to openly speak out for their games and have a clear charm, Japanese game companies are highly structured and lack cultural interaction with audiences. Japanese developers rarely ignore their current projects, treat each game as work to be done, and move on without participating in game marketing or publicity. Eno wants Japanese developers to be more like rock stars. “He is a very outspoken person, which is why he chose to attack on his own.”

His next game, Enemy zero, Take the player into deep space. The AKI spacecraft, which was once a biological research center, had a problem.A recognizable similarity, Eno chooses to use DAs the protagonist, Laura did not retain the character narrative before the game, but was used as a kind of digital actress. This is what Eno does to many of his characters in the game, which may be inspired by how movie directors often appear in favor of actors in their films.

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