Jackbox’s 8th Party Pack is worthy of being used separately for “Drawful: Animate”


When i look back Jackbox Party Pack 7, I was stunned. Usually, these bundles contain some interesting games and some games you have never seen before, but this time is different.This The seventh pack is perfect, There are no real duds in this group. Unfortunately, the eighth round failed to continue this trend. On average, it is still worth the purchase price. But a few games were party killing mines.

For those who are not familiar, Jackbox Party Packs is Jackbox Games’ annual mini game series, the manufacturer of these games You don’t know jackEach package comes with five games, usually with multiple game styles, so no matter what games your team likes to play, you can enjoy them. In recent packages, the company has struck a balance between drawing, word games, trivia and/or social deduction games, rather than relying too much on each game.

And this time, it was a drawing game that eliminated it from the park.

I’m not stressed enough Painting: Animation Yes

The most prominent star in this bag is Painting: Animation, And it’s not even close.Two previous versions Style of painting Roughly the same premise: you get a prompt, you have to draw a suggestion for it, other players write down suggestions for the title they think you received, and then everyone guesses what the correct title is. This is a simple formula that has worked for many years.

The latest iteration adds a seemingly trivial innovation. Now, the player can draw the second frame. The first one will be visible and slightly lighter in color, and when presented to the audience, the two will alternate in cycles. It has a very rough movie storyboard feel, but the impact on gameplay is significant.

Now, you are not just drawing stick figures or static images. Your graffiti can explode, deform, melt, and fly away.In short, they can move. This opens up a series of creative possibilities. Even better, the player drawing the animation will get a slider to speed up or slow it down.

This is the best part of the Jackbox game. Simple rules provide players with plenty of creative expression space. This does mean that the game may vary greatly depending on the level of involvement of your team, but at least it is easy to access and fun.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is…

Drawn weapon Too messy, we can’t play

In recent game packs, Jackbox relies more on social reasoning games-you suspect that your friend has committed various crimes or deceptions, and you must figure out who is lying-but they are difficult to get right. Games like this require clear rules and mechanisms to deceive other players and discern the truth, as well as enough plot to keep players engaged without overwhelming them.

Drawn weaponUnfortunately, it failed in most of these missions. At the beginning of the game, players are told that they are all world-renowned detectives, attending a luxurious party where murder may occur. They were asked to draw a prompt, which must contain the letters provided in their name. Then they must draw the second picture with different prompts, but using the same letters. Then they must choose a name for their accomplice.


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