Jack Dorsey is the soul of Twitter

Jack Dorsey is Sullen.It was 2009, and we were in Baghdad, among a group of Silicon Valley promoters and shakers State Council Reception Visit companies, universities and the desolate Iraqi National Museum. But when he got home, all the shakes and shocks that happened to the company he invented—a short blogging platform called Twitter—had happened without him. Twitter is taking off, but Dorsey has rebounded from his leadership role, and his co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone are publicly winning, appearing on talk shows and conferences. Dorsey is a very emotional person. He confessed to me in the late-night discussion that he was in trouble. A few months later, when I met him, the situation was still tingling. At that time, he took me to his apartment to show me his new idea, an acorn shape that can turn your phone into a credit card reader. Little dad.

They said that revenge was the best dish to eat cold, but in the next few years Jack Dorsey got a great feast, not only hot, but possibly vegetarian.Or maybe ketone. That weird app has not only become Square—the valuation is now close to $100 billion——But in 2011, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, who replaced Willliams, appointed Dorsey as the company’s part-time product specialist. Four years later, Dorsey succeeded Costolo to become the leader of Twitter again. The man who invented services and changed the world by providing instant sound to anyone, good or bad, finally regained control of his creation.

Can one person run two large listed companies?Dorsey Insist he can. After all, doesn’t his idol Steve Jobs run Apple and Pixar?

The key is to form a team that allows part-time leaders to lead the company to glory. On Square, Dorsey clearly did this, but Twitter’s record is mixed. The number of users has never reached the billions that mark the upper limit of other social networks, which has been frustrating. The fact that the company surpassed its own influence in terms of influence always raises the question, why is Twitter not given more weight? The company provides a steady stream of Svengali products, official products and other products.

In terms of monitoring the content of Twitter, Dorsey is the Hamlet of Silicon Valley, admits that there are problems, but is unwilling to take the necessary drastic measures to solve these problems.Every woman who posts some even slightly controversial content must expect a blizzard Terrible misogynistic reaction. Until recently Twitter did not respond seriously Its troll problemAlthough Donald Trump is a problem that no one has figured out how to handle, Dorsey allows the wrong CIO Using Twitter as his megaphone Time is too long. (on the other hand, Dorsey’s phone A permanent ban on Trump after January 6 is more brave than Facebook’s timid “pause.” )

In other respects, Dorsey is very happy to break the unspoken rules regarding CEO behavior. Strange things are everywhere in the company suites, but they are rarely displayed so blatantly.Have His diet. his beard. his Nose ring. And his obsession: denim, roaming, and recently encryption.

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