Internet Speed Test: Singapore Remains on the Top with 156 Mbps Average Broadband Speed

Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test: Speedtest is a global website which is used to check internet speed on Desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Speedtest Global Index, The company compares average internet speed of each country every month.

As per the August 2017 report, Canada reaches a new benchmark on Average internet speed reaching 60 Mbps. Singapore still remains in the first position with 156 Mbps average internet speed.

Internet Speed Test
Internet Speed Test

Canada’s average Internet Speed test result of August 2017 is 60 Mbps and ranking in the 17th position. The United States of America is in the ninth position with 72 Mbps average internet speed. Hong Kong in the second position with 140 Mbps, South Korea in the third position with 126 Mbps.

Coming to the Mobile internet speed test result, Norway ranks at the top with 55 Mbps and Netherlands in the second position with 48 Mbps. Check your country’s average broadband and mobile Internet speed result at Speedtest Global Index.

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