Indie video games finally ushered in the desktop scene


Monster train Not alone. We are experiencing a renaissance in video games, which are directly influenced by desktop creativity.

Take 2017 as an example Kill the spire, One of the most popular games on the Internet. A lone knight ventured through the harsh beast gloves and slowly added better cards to their deck.Have Adventure Dungeon, A roguelike, applies Yahtzee-style scrolling to maximize absurd combinations, just like you are shaking a dice on a kitchen Cycle heroAs the darling of early 2021, players violently knocked down mountain bricks and forest grottoes Build the city of Carcassonne, Because in this adventure, there is nothing more powerful than four. All these games come from independent studios, and each of them proudly exerts their influence. In today’s game culture, the next big hit can be placed on the regulatory platform.

This is the belief of the game leader Chalit Noonchoo Gordian mission, A role-playing game that was launched on the Steam Early Access version last year, combining elements of character construction in Dungeons and Dragons and thoughtful deck construction strategies. Like Krausnick, Noonchoo said that compared to other more technical types, it is easier for ordinary small studios to implement card games. “This makes us less constrained by the expectations of having AAA visual effects, a large number of animations, or re-editing scenes that are difficult for us to achieve,” he said. “We try to focus our limited resources on making the game look and feel good at the most basic level.”

He insisted that his transaction is over.The core attraction of the game, such as Gordian mission It is the ultimate accuracy of the gameplay-staring at a hand cannot be copied elsewhere, and it will bring a certain degree of clarity. But Noonchoo made it clear that it is not easy to merge the digital and analog domains. If there is anything, Gordian mission Ask him to completely rethink how game design works.

“In traditional games, there are a lot of finer controls and processes. Status effects can last for a fraction of a second, the effect area can be increased by a marginal percentage, and the damage range can be expanded to thousands or millions,” he said. In card games, it is important to keep small numbers and the influence of each bonus, because players only have so much bandwidth to mentally track the components of each game, which brings us additional challenges.”

trade off

Of course, one of the advantages of building board games for the PC is that it can solve some of the annoying inefficiencies of board games.No one needs to reshuffle the cards Monster train, All damage calculations will happen automatically. Krausnick pointed out that one of his favorite mechanics in the game is the ability to replicate the cards in the deck.If this idea is untenable Monster train It is played in the restaurant, but on Steam, only one line of code is required. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why this type of digital interpretation has penetrated into the mainstream.For example, picky mathematical maintenance of a normal game magic Nowhere to be found. Instead, the omniscient power of algorithms will guide us every step forward.

Krausnick said: “We can make the mechanics more complicated without becoming inaccessible.” “In a physical game, you have to count the numbers and play the game, and it takes four hours to finish.”

All of this makes you think about where the industry will go. The desktop industry is experiencing a historic boom, Increased by 20% in 2020 alone, Which means that the channels that affect the Steam rankings may remain open for a period of time. But Thomas Moon Kang, the creator of the instant card fighter A step in the garden of eden, There are different theories. He pointed out that some of the most popular board games in the past few years (Gloomhaven, Pandemic: Legacy, Mansions of Madness) have tried to imitate video games in various ways. Some of these games use downloadable apps to simplify the enemy’s AI, while others use progressive narratives, providing more atmosphere and tension than the normal Friday night Catan round can deploy. Kang sees a symbiotic relationship here. In this world, board game designers and video game designers are learning from each other’s strengths.

“These lines are fusing together,” he said. “I think this is an eye-opener for developers and players.”

Let this prove that the long cold war between PC gamers and desktop gamers is finally over.Let us all enjoy an ancient reality Pathfinder Growler, Generation Z Fort night Master, don’t repent King of crusaders The living body can exist as one. The geek balance has finally arrived.

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