I revisited “SaGa Frontier”-and my fascination with bisexual video games


Depends on who (And where) you ask, Sharjah border Either a little-known cult classic JRPG, or the best-selling building block of a famous franchise. It is very attractive, very complicated, and very repetitive. It is now remade 24 years after the original version was released.

“We hope that more gamers, especially players from the West, will play the SaGa series of games with a long history in Japan,” said producer Hiroyuki Miura. SaGa Frontier Remake.

I play Sharjah border As an embarrassed and anxious teenager in the late 1990s. I spent a few hours to upgrade my character, and then became angry with myself for not being able to save before erasing it again. I would stop and switch to my home computer and look up game skills and well-crafted detailed walkthroughs on old forums. Since none of my friends have heard of this fact, my love for this game is even stronger. This is my game.

As the years go by, I return to the real world from time to time Sharjah border. I took my empty PlayStation to college and bought a third copy of the game on eBay (my original version was scratched a long time ago, and the second one was accidentally broken). The game brought me happiness, but the instability of aging technology worries me. If this disc cannot be used, how much is left in the world?

Concerns about limited availability resonated with the SaGa team. “We have received many requests from players to play these games again. We think it is important to meet these requests,” Miura said. “These plans can only be implemented when players have demand, so we are very grateful for being able to release this game on a global scale this time.”

Before the remake, fans felt calm about the fact that certain parts of the game were always unfinished. The creators of the series are not equally complacent. “This is an opportunity we created ourselves,” said Akitoshi Kawazu, the general director of the SaGa series. “In less than 10 years, producer Ichikawa and I have been working on various plans to restart the Shaka series. I am very happy that we can reach this stage through this work.”

SaGa Frontier Remake Including major graphics overhauls and previously deleted content and QoL adjustments-all these are amazing updates for SaGa fans. But SFR still punishes in the classic JRPG way. Did you not bring the right character to the right room within the first 15 minutes of the game to trigger the right dialogue? Well, after three hours you will never receive a secret character.

The mysterious game architecture is the hallmark of Kawazu, who pushes the boundaries between storytelling and gameplay to primitive and sometimes incomprehensible levels. Its name is: Sharjah border Literally, this is an uncharted territory of the game, with free roaming areas, level adjustment monsters, and an attack combination system. But again, every part of the game is full of mystery, the feeling that you are missing something.

You can create powerful combos by playing with your character, but the rules for controlling these combos are not explained in the game. This is how SFR is both gorgeous and fun, and at the same time an absolutely dazzling experience.

Although the mechanism may be confusing, the visual and auditory dimensions are dizzying. Running around in the city involves an elf sprinting on a painted background. Settings range from Koorong’s neon dirt to whimsical Wonderland-style German and Facinaturu’s Gothic rose light.Each region has unique music themes of famous composers Ito Kenji, The lo-fi beats loop endlessly like pixelated Escher paintings. (Another advantage of the remake: you can listen to the original soundtrack in the media library on the main menu.)

The combat system is equally compelling. If you throw an enemy into the air for a Rising Nova attack, your perspective will change with the movement of the wizard. The view feels organic, as if you are an active participant in a real battle. This technique helps the game age gracefully and adds visual complexity, which looks interesting.


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