HUMElab America Tabata Touchscreen Coffee Table for Tech Lovers

HUMElab America, innovative, high-tech smart and touch furniture products company launched the Tabata some years ago, which a next level coffee table for the tech lovers and still one of the popular touch table in the market. The Tabata is the most advanced and powerful Touch screen coffee table. The people also call the Tabata as a giant tablet computer in which one can watch movies with audio visuals, surf internet, play games with world class touch displays and an interactive media experience. Its ultra-responsive touchscreen is powered by a super fast i5 Intel processor capable of running multiple applications with ease.

The Tabata is a waterproof table, like a real coffee table, one can eat, drink juice or coffee, etc. The screen can be kept flat or inclined based on the needs. Paris Hilton partnered with HUMElab to promote the product and in fact, She ordered the Tabata for her personal studio to mix music and DJ. Here is her official tweet on her Twitter.

Whether at home with HUMELab for People, at a business with HUMELab Business, or in a customized version with HUMElab factory, you’re sure to be wowed by the latest in smart screen technology tables designed for today’s digital demands.

About HUMElab America

HUMElab specializes in the creation of new generation furniture that puts the touchscreen with multiple day-to-day life usages. Humelab products are found in many large international hotel centers and shopping centers that use the tables as an attractive and recreational element for both parents and children.

The Tabata is a great alternative for video walls and touch walls as this is one of the best multitouch tables available in the market.

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