How to troubleshoot someone’s phone remotely

This is a problem You may be familiar, especially when you are the designated “tech support” contact for your family, office or a group of friends: someone got in touch with them, hoping to help solve their phone problem, but you didn’t actually contact them Have a look.

Troubleshooting issues via audio calls or text messages is often a frustrating exercise. Just trying to figure out what’s happening (and not happening) on ​​the screen is a challenge in itself, and that’s before you even enter the stage of thinking about what the underlying cause might be.

The answer is to let the person you help share the screen of their device with you. Not only can you see what is happening with your own eyes, but you can also try to solve the problem by yourself remotely via the network.

In fact, you have more choices in applications and methods than you think, but there is an application that can do the job well, and it’s free: TeamViewer QuickSupport. If you need something else and or replace this, we also mentioned some alternative strategies that you can consider.

Needless to say, but be careful when using these tools-you don’t want to grant full access to your smartphone to anyone you don’t trust, even if you can cut the connection at any time.

TeamViewer quick support

TeamViewer allows you to remotely access another smartphone.

Photo: TeamViewer via David Nield

TeamViewer QuickSupport is by no means the only software that allows you to remotely view and control the screen of your smartphone, but it is one of the best software we have encountered.Easy to understand, free for non-commercial use, you can download for both Android with IOS equipment.

The person you are helping needs to install the QuickSupport app, so you may need to help them first. For the person doing the repair (that is, you), you need the full version of TeamViewer Remote Control Android, IOS, or desktop, Or you need to go to the web browser and enter Go to the address bar.

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