How to set up your new Xbox Series X/S


If you have managed Contact Xbox Series X-or, More likely, S series-you may be eager to start playing games. But you know what it is; there is still some work to be done before you start. This is what you need to do (and how to make it easier).

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Start with the Xbox mobile app

We talked before The usefulness of the Xbox mobile app for Android and IOS Once you set up your console, but you don’t want to wait to install it. This is also the easiest way to set up a new Xbox, because it allows you to enter the Wi-Fi password on your phone instead of using the controller, and continue to customize the settings while the system is downloading updates in the background.

When you plug in the console for the first time, you will see a 10-character code that you can enter in the mobile app to continue the setup. After connecting to Wi-Fi, the app will guide you to choose settings, such as power saving mode, instant login, or remote functions, such as playing games through the console on your phone.

Add account and controller

The initial setup process will require you to log in to your Microsoft account to purchase and download games. However, if there is more than one person using the console, you can share it more easily by assigning an account to each controller. Then, when someone wants to use Xbox under their account, they just need to pick up the controller and start playing. (Don’t worry, if your controller dies and you need to borrow someone else’s, you can easily exchange configuration files manually.)

To assign the new account to your other controller, press the Xbox button and go to Profile and System> Settings> Devices and Connections> Accessories. Here, you will see all the controllers paired with the system.choose Three-point menu Under the one you want to assign, select “Assigned to“And log in to the Microsoft account of the person you want the controller to belong to.

Sync from the old console

In most cases, it is easy to synchronize data to the new console. As long as you log in to your Xbox account on the old console, your game save data will be synchronized to the new console. You can also download games in the library.

However, some data may not be transferred. Some games don’t support cloud save, and you can’t do anything there.If you are missing the data in the game, you can make sure that the data has been backed up to the old console by highlighting the game, pressing the menu button and checking Manage games and add-onsIn addition, if you want to transfer game save data from the old Xbox 360 for use in backward compatible games, you can also do so, Although you need to enable it manually (And you need to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold).

Enable (and balance) 4K, HDR and 120 Hz

The new generation of game consoles is a beast of machines that can handle 4K, HDR and 120 Hz games at the same time.Most TVs that support these features should automatically detect them, but you can Personal Information and System> Settings> GeneralIf they haven’t.

However, depending on the game you play, you may need to consider which of these features to enable. For example, 4K and 120 frames per second games can increase huge processing requirements, while in games that support ray tracing, The problem will only get worse. Turning off one of these settings can improve the performance of the other settings. Although some games will let you make this choice within the game, if 60 fps is enough for you, you can also limit your settings here.

Download your game (as soon as possible)

After you settle down, you can find all the games you purchased in the “My Games and Applications” section of the console. But that is not all you can find here. There are also links to find any games you claim through Xbox Live Gold, as well as games you can download through Xbox Game Pass. If you subscribe to both subscriptions at the same time, you can choose the widest range of titles, but it can also be a bit cumbersome to find all the content you want to download.

It is worth starting as soon as possible, because downloading takes time. You might even want to open the console before giving it away. The most popular AAA games can reach dozens of GB——Halo: InfiniteFor example, is Nearly 50 GB Suitable for multiplayer games and campaigns-use alone. The last thing anyone wants to do is wait on the console for the first day of downloading, so the sooner you start, the better.

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