How to play games on PC when no graphics card is found


GPU shortage Keep getting worse, Due to the surge in demand from gamers and cryptocurrency miners, and Many other factors. Prices continue to soar to ironic levels, and Nvidia says the shortage will May last until 2021-This means that you may not get the upgrade until next year at the earliest.

There is still a long time from now, which means it is time to make some compromises. When you cannot build a new system, here is the next best way to get a fix.

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If you must buy a new one: buy a pre-installed or laptop

Let’s solve one thing first: if you have enough money but can’t grab the GPU until the robot cleans them all up, you should consider buying a pre-installed PC or gaming laptop. As a PC manufacturer for more than 10 years, I never thought I would say these things, but given the current conditions, this is your best choice for top-level graphics performance today.

Since Dell, HP, and other OEMs have their own graphics cards allocated to their system sales, their supply is often a little more than retailers selling discrete graphics cards-although you may still have to wait a few weeks before you can buy the machine Appeared at your door.Considering the price fluctuations and shipping delays that may occur in the rest of the year, I am reluctant to narrow these options to one or two, but I will first consider things like Dell G5 with HP Omen 30L, And more customized system integrators, such as iBuyPower, McGonagall, computer battery, Or NZXT BLD. You can also use something like Alienware Aurora R12 with Pirate One For a more compact machine, as long as you are willing to deal with the more challenging upgrade path brought about by a smaller form factor.We have a complete guide The best desktop computer for playing games, along with What you should know before buying.

Speaking of being difficult to upgrade, gaming laptops are also a viable option today. If you haven’t checked the space recently, you may be surprised by the quality available. As well-built “thin and light” laptops became more and more popular, the days of huge and battery-tight behemoths began to shrink in the rearview mirror. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Is a very popular mid-range model, very suitable for daily use, while MSI G66 with Razer Blade 15 The sporty mobile RTX 3080 chip provides the best graphics in a notebook computer.You can see more suggestions in our guide The best gaming laptopFor desktop users, this may seem like a heresy, but if you connect it to an existing monitor, keyboard, and mouse, it can solve the problem.

If you have an older graphics card: use the graphics zoom function

If you already own a PC with an aging but edge graphics card, consider yourself lucky: at least you have a working card.Even today’s low- and mid-range cards, such as GTX 1650 The price is ridiculously high, so your best bet is to keep that card and adjust your game to “behave well enough” on the hardware you own.


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