How to Pick the Right Studio Monitor?

One should consider certain things before buying a pair of new studio monitors. You have to look after a few points before taking this critical decision. These speakers are a big investment as they would live with you for a while. For buying a perfect pair, you should look for qualities like mixing, mastering, and recording based on the sound quality. So, here are some points that you need to keep in mind for getting hands on a right studio monitor.

  1. Price

The first thing that comes in mind while buying a new set of monitors is the price. A good set of studio monitors are going to cost you hundred to thousand dollars. It entirely depends on you how much you want to invest in your professional studio monitors. If you will search thoroughly, you can get an amazing set of speakers within a price range mentioned above. Now, you have to next focus on the sound quality and other features of the system.

  1. Sound quality

If you are looking for speakers for your personal use at home, then anything will do for you as long as it is loud enough. However, if you are looking for the professional use, then you have to consider specific things like mic position, recording level, EQ, and mix balance. You can go for speakers that provide a neutral and flat response. There is not going to be a perfect set of studio monitors but you have to choose a good one that has an acceptable neutral response with overall good tonal balance.

  1. Surroundings

Many speakers have a different sound in a different corner of the room even you go with speakers having an overall balance in terms of tune. Due to low frequencies of the resonance in a room, the bass is going to be uneven in a room at different locations. You can go with room treatments for that matter.

However, there are various monitors that are designed especially for free space and can be placed anywhere at a distance of two or three feet from boundaries of the room. In case, your room has a lot of reflections such as a ceiling or large windows, then you should go with monitors having a narrow dispersion.

  1. Bass response

Bass response is also something that you need to pay attention to. Everyone enjoys a low-end response but if it is too low or high, then, it might be problematic for listeners. The bass comes at a price whether you have to buy big monitors for loud music or to compromise with small speakers having low volume. The decision is yours to make. In case, you want a loud sound in small-sized monitors, then you should go with less low-end ones.

On the other hand, ported speakers also provide deeper bass with the same volume and size. But the only problem with them is their placement due to ports. However, in order to produce music, you do not require a deep base and can easily go with 5” desktop woofers if you know how to make best out of it.

Bass responses are important where your music is going to be heard on deeper bass like subwoofers then, you need to look in inner productions. Here, you have to choose a larger woofer or a smaller one with your own sub.

  1. Look for numbers

If you have got hands on monitors with perfect flat, low-end, optimal tonal balance, and based on your all requirements, the job still needs to be done. The most important thing after getting a hand on your studio monitors is to know how to use them for mix or record your music. You should know how your masters and mixes are going to sound on your flat monitors as well as on more compressed ones. For this, the nice bet is to go with multiple numbers.

The more speakers you are going to have, the more variety you can add to your work. It is best to go with different systems to know how your work is going to sound no matter what the medium is. For instance, you can use different mediums to check your music like headphones, computer speakers, earbuds, small studio monitors, and such others along with your studio monitors.

Now, keep these things in mind before going out to get hands on a right set of studio monitors. It is important for professionals because you know that studio monitors are going to be an essential element for mixing, recording and mastering your music. So, now you know what important points you have to look for while buying some of the best studio monitors for your professional use. Check out different studio monitors and make a firm decision taking all your time.

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