How to Make the Most of the New US Climate Tax Credits

Lauren Goode: That’s when you exclaimed, “Oh my God.”

Michael Calore: Yeah, I really did.

Lauren Goode: Just in the news room. You were the only one.

Michael Calore: Lauren did the psychoanalysis, and she said, “Well, maybe that was from your subconscious. And you’re actually feeling really needy for that today,” yeah.

Lauren Goode: Well, it’s true. Well, not you, but you said earlier this morning, “My God, I’m getting 80 text messages and DMs right now from all these people.”

I was thinking, you were thinking that maybe the people around you were needy, like your writers.

Michael Calore: Yeah. I am needy, because I need to know what your recommendation is.

Lauren Goode: Well played. So I finally finished the Anna Wintour book. Listeners of this podcast will know I’ve been talking about this for the past few weeks, I finally finished it. It was very good. That it is not my primary recommendation this week, though. Can I tell my Anna Wintour email story?

Michael Calore: Yeah.

Lauren Goode: Anna Wintour, she is our boss’s boss’s boss here at Condé Nast, most people know who she is. Occasionally, she might show up on one of our zooms, and very occasionally we get an email from her address to the company in our inbox .

One time last year, I actually got a direct email from Anna Wintour. Two years ago, we had another podcast at WIRED called Get WIREDsome of you might remember it. It only lasted for about six months in 2020, and it eventually won a Webby award.

After it won a Webby award, I got an email from Anna Wintour, addressed directly to me, saying, “Congratulations,” and just another sentence or so, just wishing me well, “and you should be so proud.” And there were , like, exclamation points in the e-mail.

Michael Calore: A note of huzzahs.

Lauren Goode: Yes. I was like, “Oh my God, I got an email from—Anna Wintour emails me, me, my goodness.” The following week I was hanging out with some friends in New York City, and two of these friends in particular had worked very closely with Anna.

They asked how work was going, and I told them a little bit about this podcast, and, “Oh, by the way, it won a Webby ward. And oh, by the way, I actually got an email from Anna Wintour.” I mean, you could tell, I was pretty blown away by this.

Michael Calore: Yeah, yeah.

Lauren Goode: They said, “Well, what did it say?” And I described the email to them and they said, “Oh, there were exclamation points? Yeah, her assistant wrote that.”

Michael Calore: Bravo noises.

Lauren Goode: Anyway, that was my email from Anna Wintour. That’s my story.

Matt Simon: She at least directed the assistant.

Lauren Goode: Absolutely, absolutely.

Michael Calore: She had all kudos for you.

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