How to find PlayStation 5: tips, retailers, inventory alerts


Sony’s latest game console One year old, But both PlayStation 5 models have been sold out many times. Supply chain issues It also led to a shortage of consoles, leaving countless potential customers feeling cold.Scalper armed with robots Is snapping up new inventory In a matter of seconds, retailers strive to eliminate them and give real buyers a chance.If you already Try and fail To get your hand, you are not alone, but don’t be discouraged.

Here we have summarized the models you should buy, whether you need to upgrade immediately, and recommendations on where to buy. We have also added some tips to help you get your own P5.

After securing the console, please review our guidelines Best PS5 accessories, Best PS5 game, And our PS5 Tips.

Update December 2021: We have added news about Sony and GameStop replenishment, some more useful links, and new resources for tips.

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Which model should you choose?

There are two models of PlayStation 5. The standard PS5 is priced at US$500, while the digital version is priced at US$400. The former has an optical drive for physical game discs, and it can also play 4K Blu-ray. The digital version omits the optical drive, so you must download all games. This is the only difference.

Although saving $100 sounds tempting, there are some Convincing reasons to buy an optical drive PS5After the game has been released for a while, the CD version is usually cheaper. In addition, you can play old PS4 CDs on the new console, and you can resell PS5 game CDs after completion, which is not possible with the digital version. This is all before you consider the ability to play Ultra HD Blu-ray.

Should you upgrade?

The lack of exclusive games necessary for PlayStation 5 may make you stop. Most of the top games that will land in the next few months are likely to be available in PS4 versions. If you are very satisfied with the existing PS4, don’t think you will miss the game.

on the other hand, PS5 is better than PS4 In many important aspects, you can learn more about it in our PS5 reviews. If you don’t have a PlayStation 4 yet, then PlayStation Plus subscription For PS5, it gives you access to the top PS4 game library, such as Fallout 4 and God of war This is necessary as part of your PS Plus membership.

Where to buy PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5.

Photo: Sony

You can buy PlayStation 5 directly from Sony or a series of major retailers. We usually don’t know when the new inventory will appear, but don’t worry, there are more consoles coming soon. The following are some of the main areas to pay attention to:


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