How to close the Amazon sidewalk

Amazon today is Open Sidewalk, a way to expand Internet services Between Amazon devices, for example Echo smart speaker with Ring camera. Unless you choose to opt out, your Amazon device will automatically start participating in this connection carnival.

Amazon has been talking about Sidewalk for some time, so it’s no surprise that this switch has finally flipped. Sidewalk uses the always-on Amazon devices you already have in your home to create a Mesh network To stay connected. If a device that supports Sidewalk cannot access the Internet, it can obtain some bandwidth from another device nearby. Therefore, the more devices that Sidewalk is turned on, the better it will be. This may explain why Amazon has adopted the usual method of opening it by default. If you don’t want your device to be restricted, you need to actively change some settings.

When designing Sidewalk, Amazon emphasized its commitment to privacy and security, and even released a white paper Explain in detail all protective measures in the service. Currently, it does not seem to endanger your data from being snooped on. It can bring some real conveniences, such as the ability to find Tile trackers better due to the recently announced partnership. However, you may not want your device to participate in and share a little bit of the home Wi-Fi network in exchange for a little bit of your neighbors, and there are still good reasons.

“In our increasingly interconnected world, we all sacrifice a certain degree of privacy for convenience,” said Katie Moussouri, who has long been engaged in security and privacy research. “By default, our devices at home should be private. If they are not, we should opt-out as much as possible. This is not necessarily because of how access is used today, but because this interconnection may expose us or be Use will cause worries.”

Even if you are satisfied that Sidewalk uses up to 500MB of data per month to help your neighbors set kitchen timers, you need to consider how such a network might develop.Given The close relationship between law enforcement and Amazon’s Ring device. In principle, you may prefer Amazon not to turn on an invisible switch and let your device participate in its plan to reshape the Internet. It can at least ask you first.

If you think it’s worth it, you can always enable Sidewalk in the future. But now, here is how to turn it off. This requires a little digging.

For Echo series speakers, turn on Alexa mobile app and go to more, Set up, Account settings, Amazon sidewalk And choose Disable.

In the Ring application, go with This control center, Amazon sidewalk, Disable, confirm.

There seems to be no way to opt out of Sidewalk from the browser.

“For customers who choose to share bandwidth with their neighbors, we ensure that owners of other devices cannot view the data sent from your device,” Amazon wrote in a September report. Blog post“Sidewalk has also set a maximum upload limit and an upper bandwidth limit in order to reserve Internet bandwidth for Sidewalk Bridge customers.”

If you just don’t feel that Friendly, but you are not alone, you can choose to prevent the spread.

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